Monday, January 30, 2012

Eat Your Heart Out

Are you guys hungry? You should be, I ate everything in the WHOLE world this weekend. I doubt there was much left for you.  It was sooo good though....
Not my plate...mine was worse

Clean living from here on out here until the cruise...

Aside from the gluttony, I had a pretty decent weekend workout wise. Especially considering that I am still (come on it has been two weeks?!?!?!?) not running. As previously mentioned, I got in the pool for "8 miles" on Saturday. I was planning on 9, but....I'm a quitter. Joking. I ran out of time. Yesterday (ready for this?) mom, dad,myself, AND TY walked a 5k in Nucla. It was a happy moment for me! I also discovered that three people I know are pregnant. Exciting.

Last night I was feeling majorly guilty for all the eating and Ty got called into work, so I went to the gym to scorch some more calories. Did a 50 minute spin workout (via video--technology rocks), some weights, and abs. You might think I'm joking about the eating...but I am NOT. I ate an embarrassingly large amount of food from Friday until Sunday. Ty was even embarrassed. He was pretending like he didn't know me when we were at Chilis.

There is a method to my madness...or a reason anyway. Bikini time this weekend!! Even though it is supposed to rain pretty much every day we are gone, I am pretending like I didn't see that and hoping for SUNSHINE!

Happy Monday. Go for a run for me!


  1. Sometimes those weekends happen! In fact, I had a very similar weekend... there was just so much delicious food to be munched on. And then munched on some more :)

    I'm making up for it by being good about workouts this week, and trying to rein in the grazing. But, hey, eating is fun. And overdoing it once in a while isn't that big a deal!

  2. way to eat 'em under the proud!!! i'm like u though, i seem to have no full gauge and could literally keep going forever like a bottomless pit. but really, in the scheme of things it's not a big deal and one food-fest weekend will not a fattie make. :P plus, u workout hard, so eat hard...that's what i tell myself at least...hehe.

    keep it up with the pool running...u get those aqua miles. :)

  3. I'm either starving when I run often or not hungry at all. There seems to be no middle ground. This does make me want a hotdog though!