Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Everything that Sparkles is Not Gold (YESSS it is!)

Fellow runners... please tell me you understand.... not many things are more exciting than getting a new pair of running shoes.

The possibilities are I was taking them out of the box last night, I could hardly contain myself. Once I got my sparkly shoelaces in place, I looked at the shoes adoringly and told them in a whisper that we would run a marathon together-- and all the training leading up to the marathon. Ty was sitting next to me in bed-- he told me to go take some crazy pills and that the shoelaces were ugly. I looked at him like he was speaking Greek and whispered "zoom zoom."

Another thing I am excited about:
Don't hate. The kid is an amazing athlete and leader. He has a great attitude. If everyone in this world put that much enthusiasm into their work/passion/life, we would be in much better place. And he loves Jesus. He's also saving himself for marriage. Reeeewind.  What?! That's right ladies. Single. Sinless. And REALLY ugly.
All joking aside, I am really looking forward to reading his book. From what I hear, his dedication to being in shape and his training mindset are amazing. Hopefully it somehow seeps into me from the pages and makes me super hardcore as well! I'm obviously past my prime (at the old age of 29) to become the next QB for the Broncos, but I'm hoping to gain some motivation at the very least.
I am still sick (SIGH) I have done every little in the way of working out this week. I wish it would GO AWAY already! I miss running. My shoes want to be broken in. In fact at this very moment, they are waiting for me in my truck-- in case I feel up to a run after work.

What's the last book you read?

New shoes for anyone else?


  1. I understand!! I just hit "send" on a new pair of running shoes also and my husband thinks Im crazy for the amount of debating that went into that purchase.

    Last book I read...I just started Out of Oz by Gregory far (10 pages in) love it!

  2. Ahh, Tebow mania! I'm torn on the kid. I really like that he is a decent guy that finally is bringing non-thug life into pro sports. I feel like so many pro athletes are gangsters and it drives me crazy! However, I'm not sure he is actually that great....jury is still out :)

    Those new shoes are pretty!!!!

  3. Heather!! I was just telling my husband the same thing about the Gansta football guys. It amazes me how they make all that money and still find the need to gang bang.

  4. I love the Nike Frees!

    You sound like my husband. He is absolutely in love with Tebow.

  5. I'm a Florida alum, so i LOVE Tebow!

    Cute the shoelaces

  6. Yep, new shoes much for my 'freeze' on spending. Love Teebow, love football. Reading a great book right now by Joyce Meyers, Me and my Big Mouth. I think that's the title.

  7. I love Joyce Meyers. I should read that. Hope you enjoy!