Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grace and Cussing

I am still suffering from a literal pain in the rear. I am pretending it doesn't exist and the reason I haven't ran in three days is because I have been busy.  I don't even know how I got injured. ANNOYED. Tomorrow I am going to spinning and going to attempt a nine miler. Hakuna Matata.

Today I am going to make a real attempt not to cuss. My mouth has a mind of its own and I really really want to try to take it down a notch. Cussing is a very bad habit of mine and it is not very attractive. So just for today I am not going to cuss (or try REALLY HARD not to). There.....I told all of you. Now I have to report back and be held accountable.

I want to share something dear to my heart. I went to a women's ministry group last night at my church. I went without any expectations and an open heart. The difference that two hours made in my life is monumental. The name of my church is Grace Community Church-- true to its name, the experience left me feeling humbled and so grateful for grace. 

I hope you all have had an experience this week that means something to you. Your first workout in years. A meaningful conversation. Watching the sunrise. Wherever that purpose and drive comes from-- I truly hope it made a difference.  xoxo

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