Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WORST workout and dog crap

I went to the gym yesterday. The whole time I was miserable. I had a strong pain in my side. My right butt-meets-leg muscle was KILLING me (WTF-- where did this come from?!?!?) and I have a pain in my left quad. For those of you who watch the Biggest Loser, remember last season during the marathon when Dr. H pulled Vinny and Joe (was that his name?)? I was really hoping my own personal Dr. H would jerk me from the treadmill.
I finished the 3 mile speedworkout and did half of a Jillian workout. My butt muscle was hurting so badly, I couldn't do many squats/lunges. FML. This is NOT going to work for me. I have a Caribbean (bikini clad) vacation in my near future and marathon training starts next week.
I was so frustrated. I knew my body was in pain-- I was covered in sweat by the first mile. So I sat on an ice pack for thirty minutes this morning and I'm taking the day off. Fingers crossed.

I just want everyone to know how proud of my dog I am. He has hardly missed a single day in the past two weeks of crapping on the floor. It is amazing. I know you too, wish you had a dog this talented. (He does have a host of medical problems and can't "hold it"...but that doesn't make it any less disgusting or frustrating)

A sick day for Chaps

Last night we went to Horsefly to celebrate Ty's birthday. He got the coolest gift:

I also agreed to play on an adult basketball league. This will be comical. I'm doing it for the exercise- I pity my poor team.

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