Thursday, January 19, 2012

Positive Thoughts

What I Like About My Life Right Now ....(a walk on the positive side)

1. I spent every free moment I had on the Internet yesterday learning how to run in water.  It turns out, water running is more wide spread than I knew and even elite athletes use it in their regular training. They say if you do it right, you can actually gain more fitness than you would get from a land run. Score. Our local pool also has the running belts to use-- no charge! So, theoretically speaking, I can still train for the marathon. Provided I can force myself to run in place in a pool for hours on end. *Mental toughness*

2. If there is nothing else to love about January, it is the television. I've got all my favorites right now!! Biggest Loser, American Idol, The Bachelor, Gray's, Private Practice, Heart of Dixie....AND Gossip Girl. I just mentally added that up to equal ten hours of TV in a week. 1.42 per day. WOW. I fast forward through the commercials....that counts right? I also did push-ups and sit-ups last night during AI. That counts too right?

3. I get to spend some quality time with my momma this Sunday and next weekend.  We're going hiking on Sunday (leg injury allowing) and next weekend we are all going to visit my Granddad. Also-- my mom is doing her very first 5K!! She is walking, but I am still proud of her. :) I was going to run the race, but I will be walking as well. Some things do happen for a reason.

4. Not sure I mentioned this...but I'm going on vacation soon.

Wish me luck for zero pain in all my workouts this weekend!! I hope you have a fun and active weekend as well. xo


  1. Where are going on vacation? Awesome news about your mom. So sorry about your leg. what belt are you talking about? I may try water running too. As for the t.v., just fold laundry and such...takes the guilt out of it. I had no idea I was missing out on some of those shows, busy month for me.

    1. We are going to the Western Caribbean!! They have bouancy belts at the pool. You just strap them around your waist and it keeps you afloat so you can "run" in the water. It is so great!! I am considering including it weekly even after the injury.