Monday, January 16, 2012

Grump McGee

Whew I am in a mooooood today. Today is the first official day of training for my first marathon. Last night I sat in an ice bath because my left quad AND my left Achilles are in a serious amount of pain. I do not know how they got injured, nor to I know why I am suddenly being plagued with injuries. My glute is feeling better from last week (after icing it every day). I have to say....I would rather ice each and every muscle in my body individually than to EVER sit in an ice bath again. It may have to happen again though.

Let's see....I gained two pounds over the weekend. This is amazing to me. I had two days of two-a-day workouts. Resulting in a weekend total of 13 miles ran, 30 miles "biked" (spinning) and thirty minutes of full court basketball last night.

It is with great sadness that I have to say goodbye to my favorite running route (6.5 mile loop from my house with 3 miles of dirt road). There are some shady characters that live out that direction and my husband and I agreed its no longer safe. least I got one more good one in before we part ways. A quarter mile of it was PURE mud-- got the shoes broke in. :)
And just to prove I don't wear the green jacket EVERY SINGLE RUN (just 99% of them).

Working backwards, I also enjoyed a one way route on Friday of 7 miles. I dropped my truck off at our friend's place (where I keep my horses) since I have the 4Runner now. I attempted the 8 mile run home (it was all downhill, I figured it'd be cake even though I went to spinning earlier). Ty called me at about mile 6 and I told him to get his butt in the car to pick me up STAT. I was barely maintaining a 10:30 mile and huffing and puffing. Plus my quad was hurting. I continued another mile until help arrived. I did get this beauty from out in the country:
With views like this to enjoy, you can understand my AWFUL mood about not being able to run after work today.

To add insult to injury (LITERALLY)...I finally found a running group. They too are training for a marathon in May. I have been talking about it non-stop to Ty....soooo what do you think the chances are I will be running ten miles on Saturday with the new group? I am going to remain optimistic and conservative this week. Headed to spinning tonight instead of running. Then...I plan to take two maybe three days off from working out. And gain another two pounds.

Thank you for listening to my rant. I am just SO frustrated and disappointed. :(

Cussing update: Even Ty admits I am doing much better. As for the entire day without cussing: I said two cuss words. I tried SO hard.

Happy freaking Monday.


  1. aww, i'm sorry!! we all need to vent off grumpiness sometimes, but i'll be the annoying person to try to put a better spin on things. first of all, ICING is not fun, but it's so good for ur body, so while it sucks kno that u're legs are thanking you. lol. but let's get down to the quad and achilles, wat could have happened is that u were overcompensating with the glute issue and did something to these guys. i'd keep icing and see how it goes. also, i think u just switched shoes?? not sure, but if so are u sure they are the right ones for ur foot type? just a thought, sometimes 'minor' things like that can make HUGE differences.

    as for the 2lbs...i'll swear on my life (wow, i'm going on a limb) that it's prolly a mathematical impossibility u ate 7,000 cal's MORE than u burned in that short of time. it's prolly fluid shifts (that happens when u run lots) and even depending on just wat kinds of food u eat...go more off of how ur clothes fit. i kno, easier said than done, but i'm sure u didn't actually gain any fat. :P

    feel better girl!

  2. Thanks Cait!! I have considered all of these things-- and I really think I simply overdid it this weekend. I am soooo frustrated!! Ice is my new BFF!! :)