Friday, October 28, 2011


Well today started out like any normal day. I ate oatmeal and berries and had green tea with honey. I read my Kindle while eating my breakfast, then went and changed clothes to head out for my run.

I left the house in the greatest of moods, even though I drank three glasses of wine last night, so I figured this run was probably going to be HELL. And that is when things got a  little weird…. I was running down my block and noticed a yard sale. Since I was in a good mood and in no particular hurry, I decided to stop.  After perusing the sale, I walked away with this:

No I’m not pregnant. No I don’t have children. So that’s awkward. On the bright side, I plan to have children someday. So I’m all Boy Scout —Always Prepared. And don’t get me started about the Boy Scouts accepting girls and vice versa.

Meanwhile…I stowed the stroller in the garage out of sight…hoping to come up with some good reason why I bought it so I can explain it to my husband. For now, I’m settling on, I’m just psycho. I took off on my run and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I went on an eight mile loop out North of my house. It goes out by the Landfill. Classy I know.

There was also this…. Which there really are no words.

Here’s another running view: :)

I finally broke down before we went to dinner tonight and told Ty about the stroller. I’m still alive. And married, soooo I guess he took it pretty well. No telling what he was thinking though…..

Ever bought a stroller for no reason?
What's by your landfill?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Land

What a fantastic weekend! I took off Friday afternoon and headed towards Nucla to my Granddad’s house.  From there, I drove him to a funeral (RIP George).  The funeral was in Paradox, CO. Never heard of it? Yeah…no great surprise…it is just down the road from Bedrock, CO, which was in Themla and Louise.  Absolutely breathtaking views.
Bedrock Store
Granddad and I spent some quality time together on Friday night/Saturday morning. I cannot say how much that times means to me.
Saturday morning I went for a run in Nucla. Because Halloween is just around the corner, I decided to run to the cemetery. Well, that wasn’t the real reason…I went to visit my Grandma’s grave. The morning was beautiful, calm, serene. I took my dogs with me, and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.  Emotional as it was at the cemetery, I truly believe tears help us grieve. They are God’s way of shedding grief from our soul.
After saying goodbye to my beloved cowboy, I took off for the cabin to meet up with my parents. I arrived around noon with no hunters to meet.  Turns out they already had two elk down, so I waited around till Ty arrived.  We took off and I showed him some of the property around the cabin.  When we got back the cabin, the mighty hunters were back.
Hunting Camp
Sunday morning, we packed the elk out on foot (elk on horses). It was a nice hike on yet another fabulous autumn day in Colorado.  I cannot complain about a single thing in life at the moment. I am truly happy. J J
My dad, cousin Logan, Myself

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Well I managed to make it to the gym last night! Woo! Go me!
 I invented a workout to keep myself from dying of boredom on the treadmill.  My gym has the super nice weight machines, so I did a running and strength training combo workout. Ten minutes on the treadmill and one circuit of weights. Repeat twice. Stretch. Nothing too grueling, but I got rid of the bad mood that was plaguing me. Mission accomplished. Wife happy=husband happy. J
Today I was reading Women’s Health and they had a similar workout outlined in their “Get Fit Tricks” section. It’s like I’m a workout genius! Not really…but it sounded awesome.
On to more important things: body image.  We all struggle with it right? No one (and if you do—good for you…please tell me your secret) looks in the mirror and loves everything about what they see on a daily basis. Even Jillian has cellulite that she obsesses about.  So how do you love the “you” that God has blessed you with? This is such a difficult topic.
I am pretty critical of myself most days.  I have gained five pounds since Imogene and sometimes I just have a FAT DAY.  My husband so kindly reminded me that I am not fat, I have just gained weight. Huh…. New perspective right? Women can’t help it. We are bombarded with people like Anna Kournikova gracing magazine covers and we become a little self-conscious (and no I am not including her picture). 

I have learned that there is always going to be someone better, faster, younger, prettier, and definitely someone tanner (have you seen my fair skin??).  Despite my daily rants, I really do love the body I’m in.  I sometimes just praise God as I’m running that I have the health to be able to run on my own two legs through His country.  Ever heard the saying “Better to be a first rate version of yourself than a second rate version of someone else.” ? I agree 100%. This does not mean we should give up trying to better ourselves. It simply means, love yourself. Do not waste time being concerned what someone thinks. It’s none of your business.
Annnnnnnnnnd I’ll step off my soapbox now.

Going off to the mountains for a couple of days sans technology. Get out and enjoy the weather!! J See ya next week.    

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day Light Woes

Day Light Woes
These twelve hour shifts are ruining my life. That and the decreasingly fewer moments of daylight. I get off work at 6:30 I cook dinner. We clean up. It’s 7:30. And Biggest Loser is already on. Sigh. I really don’t want to wait to watch it….
However, despite all these things, I know myself.  After sitting in a chair all day long performing a stressful job, sedentary life in the recliner is probably not going to dissolve the stress I have accumulated over the past twelve hours.  Dilema…

After a B- dinner (grilled sea scallops over wheat angel hair pasta with arugula pesto), I got Ty off to work and switched on the TV in our bedroom with my Tuesday “relaxation” drink.  Then I had an idea….. why not work out while watching TV? I'm all about the multi-tasking these days! Sure, it’s not a run, but it’s better than nothing. So for the next thirty five minutes my workout consisted of:
Jumping Jacks
Mountain Climbers (standing)
Butt Kicks
Shadow Boxing
High Knees
Calf Raises
Speed Skaters w/ bicep curls
(I performed each of these moves for the length of one commercial during commercial breaks, then did core work such as situps and plank during the show)
And the next hour and twenty five minutes of the show consisted of drooling over Bob in a cowboy hat and Dolvette in general.

So…I may have only worked off the beer I was enjoying afterwards, but some stress melted away and I went to bed with a sense of accomplishment. 
Tonight I am considering facing the dreadmill and possibly some weight training after the hubs goes to work. However, the day is young (and so far stress-free). I may end up at the liquor store again.

Do you ever workout while watching TV?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Viral- The Honeybadger

Since I haven’t worked out since yesterday’s blog, I had to think of something else to write about. For some reason the honey badger came to mind. Because he really doesn’t give a #$%^!

I find it absolutely amazing how things can gain popularity simply be going up on youtube. Not that I am knocking it…I find it to be truly awesome!! In fact, I am currently plotting a way to get my blog on youtube….and getting it to go viral. Ideas???
Anyhoo…the honeybadger. (First, if you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, go to youtube and search honeybader, randall…Second, watch. Third, return to my blog.) Or...just watch it here:

 I first learned about the honeybadger back in June. I thought the video was “eh…okay” funny, but nothing over the top. However, as it gained popularity, the video somehow became even more entertaining. With these things, it’s more about the jokes everyone makes, than the actual video.
Suddenly, everyone is talking about how honeybadger don’t give a *($@, and how he is running backwards. Seriously. Everyone. In August, my sister-in-law and I climbed Mt. Sneffles. And we did it by ascending the ridge (which is the HARD way). We had finally summated after being scared for our lives many many times, and we were taking in the views (and regaining our composure). This happens to be one of my life’s most defining moments to date. It was absolutely amazing. Up from the EASY way came two guys who didn’t appear to be real serious hikers (appearances didn't lie that time...they had hiked from the parking area just a short distance from the summit- cheaters). As they ascended, the one says to the other, “Yeah, we did it.  Honeybadger don’t give a shit.”  I’m serious. That happened.

The Summit

View of Blue Lakes

The Ridge.
A few weeks later, I was hiking Hanging Lake with my friend Jamie. On the way up, we came upon a couple hiking in front of us. The wife looked back at the husband and said, “Come on. Honey. Badger.” Said husband says something to the effect of “Honeybadger don’t give a….” well….you get the idea. Jamie had not heard of Honeybadger. I filled her in. She watched the video. She’s a convert.

Jamie, Brooklin, myself- HL 2011

Right of passge..."the log"
At this point, every major hiking trip had included the honeybadger. I could only assume it was going to happen at Imogene. At the summit. Sadly, it didn’t…but Ty did tell me he saw someone wearing a honeybadger t-shirt. That totally counts in my opinion. 
Olivia Wild wearing HB Shirt

To date, the honeybadger has his very own commercial—for pistachios. I am proud of his success. I mean…he follows in the youtube footsteps after one of the GREAEST youtube beginners….. Justin Beiber. I’m waiting for honeybadger’s signature haircut.
What is your favorite viral video?
Do you give a &&(%?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Running Euphoria

I had a really good idea for a blog today…but I am saving it…so stay tuned. J
I apologize for the leave of absence. I was off work, and we got a new ISP (Internet Service Provider) at home so I was “unplugged” for part of the weekend. And as much as I am enjoying this new blog, I refuse to blog from my iPhone…. Speaking of the new ISP (insert plug)….Skybeam is offering an awesome deal right now. $19.99 plus $6 equipment rental.  And free installation. I was more than happy to kiss Bresnan/Optimum adios.  The $57/month I was paying those rat bastards was getting on my nerves. 
Actual Rat Bastard

Since we last spoke, I managed to get in three runs.  I ran one of my favorite routes on Thursday- a six mile loop that I can take from my house. It starts out on pavement, but three miles are spent on a dirt road out in the adobes. I love it out there, and try to run it as much as possible since it’s not always navigable in the winter.   During this run, I was listening to a podcast from my old church in Grand Junction, Fellowship Church.  Some sort of combination of God, peaceful running, heart pumping, and mountain views had me on a high by the time I got home. It is runs like that one that make me vow to never give up the sport. That right there was self-discovery…. And for me, it was in its finest form.

 I read a quote once that said we as runners should relish in the bad runs, because without them…how would we ever recognize the good ones? So true! And since I have about three bad runs per week…I can spot those good ones with ease.
This morning’s run was also pretty dang good. It rained last night so the air was fresh. The traffic was non-existent as I ran along the golf course. Really nice. I got home and did a little strength training (50 squats, 50 calf raises, 50 sit-ups, ten push-ups), then enjoyed my breakfast which I prepared last night.  I’m sharing the recipe because I LOVE it soo much!!  I make it on Sundays and then divide it up into different containers for each day’s breakfast.

Steel-Cut Oats w/Apples
1 Cup Steel Cut Oats (these are expensive- buying them in the bulk section helps)
 1 Cup Almond Milk (or any type)
1 Cup Water
2 Apples (my favorite are Granny Smith or Honeycrisp)
¼ Cup Almonds
1 T Sugar Free Syrup (optional)
In medium saucepan, combine oats, milk, and water. Bring to a boil, then reduce to medium heat. Cover and stir occasionally (it will boil over—watch it like a HAWK!!).  Meanwhile, slice the apples into small bite-sized pieces.  Add apples to another saucepan with enough water to cover the bottom. Add syrup and sprinkle with cinnamon.  Cook oats until most (but not all) the liquid is absorbed. Remove from heat and let sit. Cook apples on medium heat until they are slightly softer (5 mins or so). Combine oats, apples, and almonds. Viola! Should make four servings that you can pack up and take with you. J
What is your favorite "on the go" Breakfast?
What is your most recent positive work out experience?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day of Food

Yesterday’s workout: Lift fork to mouth as many times as possible all day long.
I was absolutely exhausted all day yesterday, and I truly believe what they say is true: the less sleep you get, the worse you eat. I have proved this theory countless times in my life.  Exhaustion=desperation.  I mentally give myself permission to get a Venti extra sugar-extra calories-extra whip latte-whatever because I am so tired, I will do whatever it takes to keep myself awake.  Plus, I think exhaustion does a number on my willpower.  And that’s just at the beginning of the day.  Before lunch I had already mowed through half the “King Sized” Skittles Ty bought me (thanks honey!).

Lunch was a cheese burger, sweet potatoes fries.  I managed to consume both a vegetable and a fruit in the afternoon hours (only because I didn’t have the cash to raid the vending machine). And finally…. Despite the fact I had already taken out elk steak to make for dinner, I conned my husband into meeting me at Chili’s after work.  I inhaled a basket of chips and salsa, and a plate full of chicken tacos. Go me!!!
For the record, I do not plan on wasting your time with a daily diary of my food intake. I just wanted you to get an idea of the consumption I am capable of….and this was a pretty decent day. I’ve had worse…
So with no run on the books for Wednesday, and a full belly, I crawled into my most inviting bed at the ripe hour of 8:00. Ahhhhh….there’s always tomorrow.
As you will learn, I’m pretty much obsessed with Biggest Loser. I also LOVE Jillian Michaels.  I have most of her books. Probably my favorite is Mastering Your Metabolism, which I received in a Cox Christmas present exchange last year. Aunt Lori—you rock!! J
Available at

ANYWAY (man I am a scatterbrain today)….. in one of her books, Jillian talks about being in peak shape.  She also talks about how no one (NO ONE…not even Jennifer freaking Aniston—hell, not even Jillian) is in peak shape all the time.  We all have ebbs and flows of our “body-shape” life cycle.  This was such a comforting fact to me. I have always been so hard on myself for packing on the winter insulation, or going on a month-long junk food bender.  It’s normal (thank goodness). On the opposition, there are times throughout the year where fitness really is the focus.  So cut yourself some slack. But not too much…. J

Who is your fitness guru?
What did you eat yesterday?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Dreadmill

“I don't need to reward myself after a run. For me, putting in a long run is reward enough for a hard week. That said, I do have a cupcake waiting for me after today's run.”
Emily Procter, Actress
Since I work twelve hours shifts sometimes (like yesterday)…. Most of my time away from work during the workweek is during dark hours.  By the time I got home and fed the husband/myself, it was definitely dark.  Which leaves two options: run in the dark or go to the gym…..where the “dreadmill” lives.  Ugh.
Since I had taken an entire day off running following the race, and yesterday would have made two days…I decided to head to the gym and try to squeeze in a few miles before Biggest Loser came on.  Although, I read yesterday that Hal Higdon recommends one day off of hard running for every mile of race completed…BUT…if I took twelve days off, I’d probably just quit all together.
So…the dreadmill. I got to the gym and there was one treadmill open. 80 year old man to my right,. Girl wearing a shirt that looked like Jaws attacked it to my left. And she was also wearing Shapeups. And she was super skinny and cute.  Bitch. So anyway, as she toted along at a 3.5 with her perfectly pretty make-up in place, I was over on my machine sweating like an Angry Bird with swine flu. Wearing a wife beater. I ran three miles with three quarter mile sprints. I tried really hard not to be mad at the skinny-non-sweating girl, but then I caught her checking herself out in the side mirror. So I took her picture to post on my blog…but I figured Montrose is a small town. She’s probably you’re wife/cousin/friend/sister. And I have a kind, soft heart.

Yep that's what it looked lke. Yep. She was wearing a bra like that too.

So to drown my sorrows, I went and purchased some research material for my other blog, Drinks of the Season.

Not really on the blog. But I did enjoy a "drink of the season" while watching my beloved Loser. Which probably defeated the purpose of the dreadmill. Reference the quote at the beginning…
Do you play Angry Birds?
What is your favorite seaonal beverage?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Now

Well it's that time of year.  I really feel like my last race is probably in the books...not counting a random 5k or Turkey Trot.  It has been an awesome season of running and hiking...Mt. Sneffles, Imogene, Hanging Lake...and the run from Sunday rounded it out quite nicely.

The marathon "cloud" is still lingering over my head.  Contrary to popular belief, I have not in fact competed in a marathon.  After hammering out Imogene in 4.5 hours, I came to the realization that a marathon would actually take me less time (and undoubtedly less effort) to complete.  So.... why not? Well.... for starters, I am 100% burnt out.  I can't imagine training for yet another long and grueling race at this point in the season. Why not #2: the only marathon that is anywhere near Montrose, CO is the Rimrock Marathon, which is definitely on my "list".....but probably not for the first marathon. It is straight UP and the straight DOWN. So basically Imogene plus ten miles. Call me a sissy, but I think I'll save my first marathon experience for somewhere flat. It would be beautiful though:

I have been mildly considering doing one of the Rock and Rock Marathons in either Las Vegas or Phoenix.  If I do the one in Phoenix, I would have some time to recover before I begin training again.  My only roadblock is the financial situation since we are planning our late honeymoon to the Caribbean in February.  Anyone want to pay my way?! Wait...I suppose there may be another roadblock...motivation's sudden vacation from my life?

So this still poses the question of what now? I still like to eat. A LOT. Which requires some form of exercise to keep me from having to buy new jeans.  Most of our trails are snowed over, but not quite enough to break out my fancy-schamcy new snowshoes. I don't want to start my 30 day Jillian that till 30 days out on the cruise. I would really rather lay on the couch and watch people lose weight on Biggest Loser (my most favorite show).

That being said....I'll probably keep running. It is in my blood. Going too long without it poses a hazard to my marriage, health, and the ambient environment of my co-workers. I'm just not going to run too far.....

How do you get motivated?
What's your favorite TV show?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Black Canyon 20k

As it is with most races, I was dreading this race. I have been slacking since Imogene, and did not log nearly enough miles or eat enough healthy food. In other words, I’ve become a regular at the Sonic and Starbuck’s drive-thrus… sometimes on the same day.
I showed up at the starting line at 9:25.  And by starting line, I mean tiny parking area.  I was freezing, and trying to figure out a way to run the entire race in my Uggs.  On the flip side, the view was beautiful looking back to Crawford.  I settled on wearing tall socks (bright pink in color) to keep my legs warm. Mom came to the starting line to cheer me on. Side note: for some reason, I thought this race was 14 miles….to my delight…I discovered that 20k= 12.4. DUH.  Another side note: I thought there was very little elevation gain….to my dismay…almost 50% of the race was spent climbing.

Not my pink socks...but close to them
We took off to the sound of the race director saying, “ready, set, go!” The race was on dirt/gravel road, which is any runner’s delight.  Nice supple ground to run on= easy on the body parts.   My plan was to take it slow and steady and just enjoy the view.  Around mile two, someone was right on my tail… he asked me about my shoes (Nike Frees—bright blue), and how I liked the barefoot running experience.   It turns out this guy was a seasoned running veteran.  We spent the next three miles chatting about running and his experiences.  He paced me and filled me in on the ways of the world—well running world anyway.  We began climbing the first major hill around mile 4.5 and I was dying, so I sent him on his way. Meeting people is one of my favorite parts of running races.  Every time I have ran a race solo, I have ended up running with someone and learning from the experience.

The BadA$$ badboys
The rest of the race was spent trying to catch my breath (whew I felt out of shape!!)….and gawking at the most breathtaking, amazing views.  Seriously…have you been to the North rim of the Black Canyon?  Put it on the list!! It is beautiful.  My only complaint about the entire race is that you have to run past the finish line up a really mean and unnecessary hill and then back down before it is over. That was MEAN. Seriously.
I finished in less than two hours, hills and all. It was a great day.  Mom and I toured the park afterwards; she has all the pictures on her camera, otherwise I would share.
It turns out that prime rib, mashed potatoes and a glass of red wine serve as a pretty good pre-race dinner.  We went to a wedding the night before… so that was my dinner. I somehow refrained from the wedding cake (I must have been experiencing a brief moment of self-control)  …however this moment passed when Ty wanted to stop at Taco Bell on the way home. I had a bean burrito. At 11:00 pm. The night before the race. Go me!!
Finally….it should be noted that Nike’s compression capris do NOT in fact prevent chaffing. Just sayin.