Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'd Like to Thank the Little People (drugs)

It's the small things in

Sideways pictures are the new up and down...

that singlehandedly get you through life. Or in my case, a day's work and a workout I needed worse than Ron White needs a new liver. That was judgemental and bitchy. Oooops.

Don't misread me here. I spent the last year ridding my body of toxins, especially drugs. I am officially prescription free, and that is a tough one when you aren't ready for children and you have the world's worst allergies. I digress...anyway...the workout.

As SUAR says, I went out for yet another run in this craphole (ugh I hate ugly...)
It was so nice out. I had planned n a gym workout, but decided to marry the two and run to the gym, workout, and run home. 5 miles total running plus day 2 of the Jillian thing. I'm going to be conceited and say I'm kind of a rockstar for that workout+sickness. It was the drugs.
The rest of my life looks like this:
I have been out of conditioner for three days. My hair is a village where rats makes reservations. Blah. I finally bought conditioner today. Slackjob.

Ty and I had a date tonight. We went to We Bought a Zoo. Super cute and heartwarming. I want to go to the zoo now!!! Ty says he just wants to be in the Caribbean. What a baby.
I would have showered before our date, but I wanted to fit in with the animal cast of the movie.

My dog is sleeping underneath my tshirt on my stomach. Random, but kinda strange right? She is an odd little creature. No idea where she gets that....

Goodnight. xoxo


  1. My dad and i saw that movie last night also! I thought it was pretty good.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. hahaha...oh, gotta love all references to crap, i sure do! :)

    way to be a supergirl and run to, at, and back from the gym..just up my alley too. hehe.

    as for the drugs, ummm, isn't there a mandatory daily value for Ibuprofen runner's are supposed to take?? ;) feel better soon!

    PS- great new kicks! :)