Thursday, February 2, 2012

Randoms and Whining About My Leg Some More

What can I say? I am pumped. We are leaving for the Sunshine State in 48 hours.

Some randoms:

1. I heard the iPhone5 is coming out in 2012. I'm all geeked out over this. Siri and I will be having a torrid affair. BFFs for life.

2. I want a treadmill for home. And an iPad3 (also coming out in 2012) to watch tv/movies on while running on the TM. It's all HRG's fault. As soon as I come up with an extra $1500, I am satisfying this want. Ha. Ba. Hahahahahaha. A girl can dream.

3.  I spent several years and two trips to Europe studying art.

4. I'm halfway through Tim Tebow's book, Through My Eyes. I cannot help but be impressed and motivated by his character, drive, and devotion to God. I want to raise my future children as he was raised. A perfect read for me as a Christian athlete. Or anyone.

5. My bathroom sink is clogged. Like three bottle of Drain-o clogged. Ty tells me last night, "you should fix that." Since we're leaving on vacation soon and want to have a nice time, I didn't kill him. :) Joking, Kidding.

I went to the gym last night to try out running. I walked/ran for almost three miles...Achilles still hurting. Don't give up right? It will get better? My life isn't over because I can't run? Okay, thanks. That's what I've been trying to tell myself. I think it's been two weeks. Going on three. I'm still going to "run" in Florida before we leave on the cruise. We're staying on the beach and there is a perfect running path there. Can't pass it up. I'll walk if I have to.

Have a great week. See ya after my vacay. xoxo

"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ who you serve." Col 3:23-24


  1. Cruises are the best! We went this past September. I read that book too and I think it is a great book for parenting even though I'm sure that's not what he intended it to be.

    1. I agree. I told my husband if we aren't going to raise the nest Bill Gates, I guess we'll have to raise a Tim Tebow. :)

  2. That is so neat about your art studies. My daughter wants to study art so much but is so fearful about the job market.

    Um...big storm coming to Denver tonight...maybe it will miss you?!?!

  3. Have a great time!!! Siri and I are not friends so far. I asked her something the other day and her response was "I do not know you at all."

  4. i hope u are loving ur vaca!! soak up the sun baby! :) oh man, when i got the fundage to, when i bought my treadmill i now call it my is the closest i'll come (outside of my and i am in love with it. haha.

    stay strong about the injury, keep plugging away and i promise in time it'll be healed!! :)