Monday, January 30, 2012

Eat Your Heart Out

Are you guys hungry? You should be, I ate everything in the WHOLE world this weekend. I doubt there was much left for you.  It was sooo good though....
Not my plate...mine was worse

Clean living from here on out here until the cruise...

Aside from the gluttony, I had a pretty decent weekend workout wise. Especially considering that I am still (come on it has been two weeks?!?!?!?) not running. As previously mentioned, I got in the pool for "8 miles" on Saturday. I was planning on 9, but....I'm a quitter. Joking. I ran out of time. Yesterday (ready for this?) mom, dad,myself, AND TY walked a 5k in Nucla. It was a happy moment for me! I also discovered that three people I know are pregnant. Exciting.

Last night I was feeling majorly guilty for all the eating and Ty got called into work, so I went to the gym to scorch some more calories. Did a 50 minute spin workout (via video--technology rocks), some weights, and abs. You might think I'm joking about the eating...but I am NOT. I ate an embarrassingly large amount of food from Friday until Sunday. Ty was even embarrassed. He was pretending like he didn't know me when we were at Chilis.

There is a method to my madness...or a reason anyway. Bikini time this weekend!! Even though it is supposed to rain pretty much every day we are gone, I am pretending like I didn't see that and hoping for SUNSHINE!

Happy Monday. Go for a run for me!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Pools and Compression Socks are my new BFFs

I'm still injured. I'm taking donations including: pity, Skittles, Starbucks.

SPEAKING of donations...I am getting all geared up for my Girls on the Run Project. I met with the exec. director today and we really got some work done! It was a run and work (because.... why not?!). We ran in the pool. Running in the pool with someone greatly reduces boredom and monotony. By about 500%, give or take.  Jill is also a running coach. She told me time spent running in the pool is about equal to that on the road. SOOOOooooo....I ran 6 miles today!! Woo!!

We hit up a cutie little coffee shop afterwards (blogging fail on pictures). I wanted to stay there all day and drink coffee, chat, and read a book. Duty calls though.

Compression socks. My latest attempt to magically fix my leg. I have to admit, for the price I was expecting instant healing. Instead, I wore them all last night and I could tell a difference, but I don't think I'm any better today. I actually bought them for a little extra support on long runs. If I ever run far again....(enter the pity, Skittles and Starbucks)....:)

I took an overtime shift at work tonight-- be there till 2 am. BUT I am still planning to go to the pool tomorrow and for my "long run." I'll probably wear my compression socks.

P.S. Back to the fundraising....we are doing a pledge run for GOTR and my goal is $750. You're donating right?!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Running... Maybe and Swimsuits

Sometimes when I am trying to think about something to blog about, I feel like I need to make some sort of great announcement like..."I cured world hunger"....or "over the weekend, I ran 60 miles." Sorry....none of that here. At least for this past weekend.
I did get to spend an afternoon hiking with my mom on Sunday. That was followed by Red Mango frozen yogurt (try it NOW), chips and homemade queso and dinner. We also squeezed in some 49ers vs. Giants action. I secretly wanted the Giants to win (who doesn't love cute little Eli?!)...but mostly I was thinking about being on a huge boat in the middle of the Caribbean two weeks from that moment watching the Superbowl.
I cannot wait to run away with my husband (and in-laws), catch a flight, and grab a foo-foo drink. This is a place where work does not matter. I take a break from running. My biggest daily decision involves pink? black? or yellow bikini?
I'll stop now before you throw rotten tomatoes at me.
Another secret. I went running on Monday. It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't bad. No pain in the Achilles, but I had some in the quad. It was only 3.5 miles, but it felt great to be back on the road. The running group is tackling 12 this Saturday. I'm going along, but bringing my iPhone in case I become roadkill and need a knight in a shining 4-Runner to pick me up.
On that note...I forced myself to rest yesterday and again today. IT STINKS and I hate it, but find it necessary. I plan to run every day for the rest of the I must take this time off. Lord please great me the patience to get through another day of work without my exercise release...
Did you watch Biggest Loser last night? Don't tell me anything!! I had to go to bed before it came on....heard it was a good one--

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Good Stuff

Ahhhhh today was a good day. I had a little shot of my choice drugs: endorphins and adrenaline.

Spinning was a total bust last night. NOT going to work. Ugh. So I hit the elliptical for a bit and did some strength training. However today was the breakthrough. I went for a run in the pool. I wore the bouancy belt. At first I thought I was supposed to "run" in place, but after awhile I figured out it works better to stay in motion. So for forty minutes, I did laps. Slow and steady. I was sweating. When I got out of the pool, my legs were shaking. Victory. Sweet endorphins oh how I have missed you! Muah!!! A quick weight training session at the gym and I was set for the day.

I don't know about the rest of the world, but in Colorado we have been experiencing a faux Spring. It was fifty degrees today. I haven't been on my horse since November, so I decided to go for a ride. And this is where the adrenaline comes in. I was a wee bit nervous getting on a four year old after two and a half months of being turned out. We got along just fine, and it was fabulous.

"I've often said there is nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse." Will Rogers

Zoe had a shot of endorphins too
I am sooo pumped right now!!! Of course I wish I was meeting my new running group for a run tomorrow, however I am glad I have found my alternative. Everything happens for a reason. Water running has so many uses-- pregnancy, injuries, bad weather, alternative training, etc. Now I know. :)

Wherever you are in your journey, I hope you remember not to get so zeroed in on things that you can't see the big picture. That's where I was with running. And... today I found so much more. Perspective.  Praise the Lord.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Positive Thoughts

What I Like About My Life Right Now ....(a walk on the positive side)

1. I spent every free moment I had on the Internet yesterday learning how to run in water.  It turns out, water running is more wide spread than I knew and even elite athletes use it in their regular training. They say if you do it right, you can actually gain more fitness than you would get from a land run. Score. Our local pool also has the running belts to use-- no charge! So, theoretically speaking, I can still train for the marathon. Provided I can force myself to run in place in a pool for hours on end. *Mental toughness*

2. If there is nothing else to love about January, it is the television. I've got all my favorites right now!! Biggest Loser, American Idol, The Bachelor, Gray's, Private Practice, Heart of Dixie....AND Gossip Girl. I just mentally added that up to equal ten hours of TV in a week. 1.42 per day. WOW. I fast forward through the commercials....that counts right? I also did push-ups and sit-ups last night during AI. That counts too right?

3. I get to spend some quality time with my momma this Sunday and next weekend.  We're going hiking on Sunday (leg injury allowing) and next weekend we are all going to visit my Granddad. Also-- my mom is doing her very first 5K!! She is walking, but I am still proud of her. :) I was going to run the race, but I will be walking as well. Some things do happen for a reason.

4. Not sure I mentioned this...but I'm going on vacation soon.

Wish me luck for zero pain in all my workouts this weekend!! I hope you have a fun and active weekend as well. xo

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Cold Hard Truth

I'm not going to a doctor...the Internet is my friend.

In case you want to dive into my currently very self-absorbed-feeling-sorry-for-myself world, stay put. Otherwise, save yourself! Stop reading while you still can.

I have diagnosed myself with Stage 3 Achilles Tendinosis. Stage 4 is the worst. 1 is the best. That's a lie...0 pain is the best. Anyway far as I can tell, I am looking at close to a month without running (at the very least). I spent the greater part of last evening in bed with a box of Kleenex and an endless supply of salty snacks. It it TBD if this is going to cost me the marathon (I can always do one later in the season), but it is going to cost me a lot of heartache.

There are a few pieces of good news. A.) I get out of playing basketball. B.) I can still go to spinning (this is my only saving grace honestly---thank you GOD for this). C.) I can do pool workouts (I need to lock down the art of water running-- any help here?). and finally D.) WE GO ON VACATION TO THE CARIBBEAN IN THREE WEEKS AT WHICH POINT I WILL NOT CARE ABOUT RUNNING. That's a lie too. I was planning on running along the beach in Ft. Lauderdale. But...whatever. Big picture right?

Do I look like I care about running?

So for now, I will live with an ice pack and a spin bike. I will try to put down the fork so I still fit in my swimming suits come February. I also vow to not blog about it incessantly. Which means I may be silent for three weeks to a month.

That all being said, I know there is a reason for all of this. It is disappointing, but it is life and could be monumentally worse. God has a plan and I must remember to praise Him in good times and bad.

A-spinning I will go, a-spinning I will go....I love a spin bike...


Monday, January 16, 2012

Grump McGee

Whew I am in a mooooood today. Today is the first official day of training for my first marathon. Last night I sat in an ice bath because my left quad AND my left Achilles are in a serious amount of pain. I do not know how they got injured, nor to I know why I am suddenly being plagued with injuries. My glute is feeling better from last week (after icing it every day). I have to say....I would rather ice each and every muscle in my body individually than to EVER sit in an ice bath again. It may have to happen again though.

Let's see....I gained two pounds over the weekend. This is amazing to me. I had two days of two-a-day workouts. Resulting in a weekend total of 13 miles ran, 30 miles "biked" (spinning) and thirty minutes of full court basketball last night.

It is with great sadness that I have to say goodbye to my favorite running route (6.5 mile loop from my house with 3 miles of dirt road). There are some shady characters that live out that direction and my husband and I agreed its no longer safe. least I got one more good one in before we part ways. A quarter mile of it was PURE mud-- got the shoes broke in. :)
And just to prove I don't wear the green jacket EVERY SINGLE RUN (just 99% of them).

Working backwards, I also enjoyed a one way route on Friday of 7 miles. I dropped my truck off at our friend's place (where I keep my horses) since I have the 4Runner now. I attempted the 8 mile run home (it was all downhill, I figured it'd be cake even though I went to spinning earlier). Ty called me at about mile 6 and I told him to get his butt in the car to pick me up STAT. I was barely maintaining a 10:30 mile and huffing and puffing. Plus my quad was hurting. I continued another mile until help arrived. I did get this beauty from out in the country:
With views like this to enjoy, you can understand my AWFUL mood about not being able to run after work today.

To add insult to injury (LITERALLY)...I finally found a running group. They too are training for a marathon in May. I have been talking about it non-stop to Ty....soooo what do you think the chances are I will be running ten miles on Saturday with the new group? I am going to remain optimistic and conservative this week. Headed to spinning tonight instead of running. Then...I plan to take two maybe three days off from working out. And gain another two pounds.

Thank you for listening to my rant. I am just SO frustrated and disappointed. :(

Cussing update: Even Ty admits I am doing much better. As for the entire day without cussing: I said two cuss words. I tried SO hard.

Happy freaking Monday.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grace and Cussing

I am still suffering from a literal pain in the rear. I am pretending it doesn't exist and the reason I haven't ran in three days is because I have been busy.  I don't even know how I got injured. ANNOYED. Tomorrow I am going to spinning and going to attempt a nine miler. Hakuna Matata.

Today I am going to make a real attempt not to cuss. My mouth has a mind of its own and I really really want to try to take it down a notch. Cussing is a very bad habit of mine and it is not very attractive. So just for today I am not going to cuss (or try REALLY HARD not to). There.....I told all of you. Now I have to report back and be held accountable.

I want to share something dear to my heart. I went to a women's ministry group last night at my church. I went without any expectations and an open heart. The difference that two hours made in my life is monumental. The name of my church is Grace Community Church-- true to its name, the experience left me feeling humbled and so grateful for grace. 

I hope you all have had an experience this week that means something to you. Your first workout in years. A meaningful conversation. Watching the sunrise. Wherever that purpose and drive comes from-- I truly hope it made a difference.  xoxo

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WORST workout and dog crap

I went to the gym yesterday. The whole time I was miserable. I had a strong pain in my side. My right butt-meets-leg muscle was KILLING me (WTF-- where did this come from?!?!?) and I have a pain in my left quad. For those of you who watch the Biggest Loser, remember last season during the marathon when Dr. H pulled Vinny and Joe (was that his name?)? I was really hoping my own personal Dr. H would jerk me from the treadmill.
I finished the 3 mile speedworkout and did half of a Jillian workout. My butt muscle was hurting so badly, I couldn't do many squats/lunges. FML. This is NOT going to work for me. I have a Caribbean (bikini clad) vacation in my near future and marathon training starts next week.
I was so frustrated. I knew my body was in pain-- I was covered in sweat by the first mile. So I sat on an ice pack for thirty minutes this morning and I'm taking the day off. Fingers crossed.

I just want everyone to know how proud of my dog I am. He has hardly missed a single day in the past two weeks of crapping on the floor. It is amazing. I know you too, wish you had a dog this talented. (He does have a host of medical problems and can't "hold it"...but that doesn't make it any less disgusting or frustrating)

A sick day for Chaps

Last night we went to Horsefly to celebrate Ty's birthday. He got the coolest gift:

I also agreed to play on an adult basketball league. This will be comical. I'm doing it for the exercise- I pity my poor team.

Monday, January 9, 2012


I had such an awesome weekend!!
First of all:
She is ours now :)
New car!! Well new to us!! I have been dreaming of this day for years. My truck only has 250,000 miles on it....possibly time for an update!


In the event that you have been living under a rock...the Broncos won!  Mile High Magic is BACK! I was so excited yesterday. I mean... giddy with excitement. That is...until the TV totally blanked out for about ten minutes. I'm surprised the drywall survived. I thought Ty was going to punch a hole through the wall. Seriously DISH? In the middle of the playoff game?! All was resolved (except the DVR is broken--SIGH) and we didn't miss a single major play. Phew.

We also had such a nice evening Saturday with both sets of parents, Ty's brother and his family, and grandma celebrating our birthdays!! It was so nice. I love spending time with family.


I took the kids for a walk yesterday. I only had to clean up after Chaps two times in thirty minutes. Charly only dumpster dived one time for a discarded piece of pizza. Classy all the way.

If you have to be at work... might as well enjoy :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'd Like to Thank the Little People (drugs)

It's the small things in

Sideways pictures are the new up and down...

that singlehandedly get you through life. Or in my case, a day's work and a workout I needed worse than Ron White needs a new liver. That was judgemental and bitchy. Oooops.

Don't misread me here. I spent the last year ridding my body of toxins, especially drugs. I am officially prescription free, and that is a tough one when you aren't ready for children and you have the world's worst allergies. I digress...anyway...the workout.

As SUAR says, I went out for yet another run in this craphole (ugh I hate ugly...)
It was so nice out. I had planned n a gym workout, but decided to marry the two and run to the gym, workout, and run home. 5 miles total running plus day 2 of the Jillian thing. I'm going to be conceited and say I'm kind of a rockstar for that workout+sickness. It was the drugs.
The rest of my life looks like this:
I have been out of conditioner for three days. My hair is a village where rats makes reservations. Blah. I finally bought conditioner today. Slackjob.

Ty and I had a date tonight. We went to We Bought a Zoo. Super cute and heartwarming. I want to go to the zoo now!!! Ty says he just wants to be in the Caribbean. What a baby.
I would have showered before our date, but I wanted to fit in with the animal cast of the movie.

My dog is sleeping underneath my tshirt on my stomach. Random, but kinda strange right? She is an odd little creature. No idea where she gets that....

Goodnight. xoxo

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Everything that Sparkles is Not Gold (YESSS it is!)

Fellow runners... please tell me you understand.... not many things are more exciting than getting a new pair of running shoes.

The possibilities are I was taking them out of the box last night, I could hardly contain myself. Once I got my sparkly shoelaces in place, I looked at the shoes adoringly and told them in a whisper that we would run a marathon together-- and all the training leading up to the marathon. Ty was sitting next to me in bed-- he told me to go take some crazy pills and that the shoelaces were ugly. I looked at him like he was speaking Greek and whispered "zoom zoom."

Another thing I am excited about:
Don't hate. The kid is an amazing athlete and leader. He has a great attitude. If everyone in this world put that much enthusiasm into their work/passion/life, we would be in much better place. And he loves Jesus. He's also saving himself for marriage. Reeeewind.  What?! That's right ladies. Single. Sinless. And REALLY ugly.
All joking aside, I am really looking forward to reading his book. From what I hear, his dedication to being in shape and his training mindset are amazing. Hopefully it somehow seeps into me from the pages and makes me super hardcore as well! I'm obviously past my prime (at the old age of 29) to become the next QB for the Broncos, but I'm hoping to gain some motivation at the very least.
I am still sick (SIGH) I have done every little in the way of working out this week. I wish it would GO AWAY already! I miss running. My shoes want to be broken in. In fact at this very moment, they are waiting for me in my truck-- in case I feel up to a run after work.

What's the last book you read?

New shoes for anyone else?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Secret Santa

Here we are in a new year and I still have been a slacker about blogging about my Secret Santa gift!!

I participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange that Running with Jill put on. Irene from magazinesmiles had me!!!

I have been thoroughly enjoying my gift from Irene. :) Some comfy aloe socks, foot lotion, and a rockin Christmas CD!! The foot lotion and socks have been super soothing for my aching runner's feet.

Thanks Irene for the fabulous gifts!!