Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Your RIMD (Running IS My Diet) PSA (Public Service Announcement)

Your RIMD (Running IS My Diet) PSA (Public Service Announcement)
The point of this blog is not for me to piss and moan and annoy the heck out of all of you. That being said, I am going to whine.  The last three days for me have just been …BLAH.
I won’t bore you with most of the details…except this: CO poisoning. I awoke Monday morning at 4:30 am (that in itself is enough to make someone sick). As I was getting ready for work, I got sick. Yep…completely emptied the contents of my stomach.  Since I am a super dedicated employee, I came to work anyway.

Around 11, Ty text me that the Carbon Monoxide alarms were going off in the house.   So….I sent the fire department to my own house. I’m just that cool. Okay not really, it was mortifying having to do it, but necessary.  Since Ty had opened all the windows and doors as instructed by yours truly, the fire department could not detect CO levels.
We both went to the doctor. We are both okay. The Heating guy came over and helped us alleviate the problem….a clogged filter mixed with improper venting. We now have a new filter and my handy hubby and his brother are installing the vent as we speak.

Crisis averted. Moral: Check your vent filer. Check your CO alarm batteries.  Keep an extra $300 in cash lying around for peace of mind….which in fact…is priceless.

Second to near death by Carbon Monoxide, I haven’t ran in three days. And don’t foresee it happening tonight either.  Perhaps I will do my TV workout to the Biggest Loser…although the hubs will be home tonight and will probably laugh at me. Oh well.
Ever had a CO scare?
Ever page the fire dept to your house?

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