Friday, November 11, 2011

Buckets of Lists

Today I have been thinking a lot about goals. Dreams translate into goals.  A catch-phrase of late is, “Bucket List.”  I haven’t really created a “Bucket List” ….however mentally, I have things I want to check off the list.  I thought I would share a few today. If not for fun, then for holding myself accountable.
Bucket List by CC (in no particular order):
Run a marathon (duh that one had to be on there)
Marathon Bucket List: NYC, Boston, Rimrock, Denver, Vegas

 Become a mommy
Win a major rodeo
Take my husband to NYC
Take my husband to Europe..he has no desire…but he WILL J
Do something that involves jumping off something…you know…skydiving, bunji jumping, whatev.
Spend a week in New England in the Fall. Eat crab and lobster daily.

Host Thanksgiving at my house
Inspire someone to make a lifestyle change (for their health)
---there are many, many more… just top of mind stuff today.
On a different note, I went to spinning again yesterday.  Success! It turns out running five miles before spinning is not the greatest idea (like I did last week). Last night’s class was motivating and I had the stamina to make it through to the end and do everything the instructor asked of me. There were two husband and wife pairs in class….which got me thinking… I wonder if I could talk Ty into coming with me…..but then I woke up.
Fellow blogger, RunEatRepeat is hosting a Pile on the Miles challenge for November. I was pretty sure I was going to rock this challenge.  I added my weekly total of 12 today and saw other people had weekly totals of 32. 40. 27…etc… It is November people! Slack off! Eat cake and candy!  Rat bastards.

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