Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hell on Earth

Hell on Earth
Sorry men. This is about to get ugly. Well it’s the holiday season…which means visitors right? Guess who showed up at my house? Aunt Flow. And she has been a total b*^(% ever since. Seriously…I almost had to leave work. I have never had it this bad. Three ibuprofen, one Midol, and a heating pad later, I am able to sit here with only a slight amount of discomfort. Before that I wanted an epidural.  Or whatever would take away any feeling below the bellybutton. Ouchie! What gives?!

Today after work, barring any major complications from my visitor, I family and I are leaving for Thanksgiving in Mesquite.  Ty and the dogs are staying home. Hey, someone has to bring home the bacon! He drew the short straw. As I was packing last night, the dogs were right in the middle. Noboooody leaves this face at home. L Please ignore the unmade bed. I live with a caveman. Just joking babe.

Only a runner would have a primary concern of running trails when leaving for vacation. Yesterday I spent at least an hour researching where to run in Mesquite and how far each trail is. I also spent another hour looking for a Turkey Trot in the area. With no avail…so I guess I’ll just run solo.  There is one in Vegas (75 miles away), but with late night travel involved, I just don’t think it’s an option.
In other news, my spectacular husband ran 3.5 miles yesterday. Good job hubs!

Sexy Hubs and Myself on vacation-- which is motivation for workouts now...Ugly backdrop huh?
Happy Thanksgiving friends. Talk to you all on the flip side. I’m not taking my laptop to Mesquite!

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  1. Awww dang! Hate to hear about your visitor for the month! Hang in there and I hope you had a great time in Mesquite!