Monday, November 14, 2011


There is something missing from my blogs. Pictures. Of me. I know….I totally suck at this.  All the other blogs I follow have throngs of pictures of the writer. I struggle because a: I don’t feel like you would be interested in my words AND my pictures (LOL,hahaa)….b: I feel so self-absorbed asking others to photograph me in my daily life.  I mean…if I was getting some award or cresting a mountain? Yes. Me buttering a piece of bread or tying my shoes? Not so entertaining. 
That being said, I feel like that is sort of the missing link in my blogging career….which has gone viral BTW. I think I have like 20 followers now. Yipee!! (thanks to you all—can I bribe you to tell your friends??)
This weekend I went hunting with my girlfriend Brittani. I know. We’re badass. This was one of those times; I wish I would have taken a photo. We didn’t get anything, but it was pretty awesome.  Two chicks dressed in camo and blaze orange stalking elk.  We also got lots of girl talk accomplished and we managed to scare a group of male hunters out of our spot. The girl talking could have also scared the elk away…
I walked about three miles Saturday on our hunt and did absolutely nothing yesterday. Gooo team!
(notice I did not put ONE picture in this blog entry)

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