Monday, November 28, 2011

Traveling Runner

“You don't love running when you first start because it hurts. Your legs hurt, your lungs hurt. But once you make the decision and start to move forward, you become a different person. It's not about having to hit your goal weight to start feeling good again.”
Ben Davis, Founder of
It is true. Some days, I feel like I am starting all over.  My lungs burn, I’m out of breath and two miles feels like an eternity.  That day was yesterday. I have no idea why this occurs, but it plain SUCKS.
Meanwhile, I’ve been gone a few days…my trip was fun. We had a nice time with family, and I even put in twelve miles while I was there. That never happens to me. I attribute it to two things: registering for the WinterSun 10k and RunEatRepeat’s Pile on the Miles Challenge. Whatever it takes right? I also lost $65 in a smoke filled casino playing Blackjack. That always happens. I have no idea why I keep gambling other that the fact that my Granddad loves it, and I did it mostly to spend time with him. That and he kept giving me money… J

Have you ever traveled with your parents? And their dog? A six hour trip seemed like an eternity.  We stopped every twelve point five miles to let the dog out…okay, maybe every ninety. But still ..I was watching the Broncos game yesterday and I saw the kicker for San Diego peeing on the sidelines. On national television. I feel bad for the guy holding the towel. Seriously? You get paid to do that? But then…I thought…hey…if he can do it, I’m making my parents do it on our next road trip.  On the bright side, we did stop at this lovely joint on the way:
Trip in pictures:

Hasta la Pasta Montrose!
The first morning we were there (Thanksgiving) I was bound and determined to run a DIY Turkey Trot. I took off from the hotel and passed this boat in the parking lot... so many things come to mind... I mean, if I were a boating cop...and looking for someone to pull over, it most certainly wouldn't be this guy. However... if I was looking for a party... or an excuse to get out of running..
Half way into my run, and at the top of a hellacious hill, I came upon a beautiful golf course.

Ty and I have always dreamed of playing here....I mean, we do play Wolf Creek all the time. On the Wii. He's Tiger Woods, I'm Paula Creamer. We rock.

After the run, I took a shower and we had Thanksgiving dinner at my Great Aunt and Uncle's place.

The second day, I set out on one of Mesquite's trails:

After this lovely run (it truly was a beautiful day... I didn't want to stop), they made me take a family picture. I'm the sweaty one in running clothes. Sexy, I know.
It was a great trip. I was very very glad to be home though. Something about being married to a man I love...and leaving him at home. Had to get home quick! :) We are cutting our Christmas tree this afternoon and Ty promised to put the lights up while I am at work. Falalalala la la la LA! 

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