Friday, November 18, 2011


Cozy Thursday
Yesterday was the anti-Wednesday. It was calm, cool, and collected. Work flew by and I was out the door and on a glorious run by 2:15. Fantabulousness.  After my glorious run, I slapped on my comfy boots and went to pick up my niece. Even this would not ruin my happy mood:
Yep dog poo

She kept me entertained for almost three hours. My dog Charly threw up. We decided she did not get her flu shot, hence the vomit. Haley informed me she had her FluMist. Haley is two years old. And a genius.
She looks like she needs a flu shot

After sending her off with her mama, I made dinner for the hubs and myself. Elk steak with sweet potatoes and steamed spinach. Mmmm.


Ever had the cinnamon butter at Texas Roadhouse? This is my attempt at recreation. Put it on our baked sweet potatoes.


This is not an actual veggie steamer....

Had a nice evening. Finished watched the Biggest Loser. Bonnie went home, which I have been hoping for. However, at the time, it was pretty sad. It's also sad that my life revolves around TBL.
I already entered my weekly total for Pile on the Miles- 12 AGAIN (what a loser). Hoping for a few miles tonight at the gym. I know. Hot little Friday night.
Big weekend plans?


  1. Texas roadhouse honey butter stuff is amazing...I have done the same thing with sweet potatoes and i've learned you gotta use ALOT of honey to make it legit ;)

  2. Honey!! That was the missing ingredient! Thanks EPR!