Friday, October 28, 2011


Well today started out like any normal day. I ate oatmeal and berries and had green tea with honey. I read my Kindle while eating my breakfast, then went and changed clothes to head out for my run.

I left the house in the greatest of moods, even though I drank three glasses of wine last night, so I figured this run was probably going to be HELL. And that is when things got a  little weird…. I was running down my block and noticed a yard sale. Since I was in a good mood and in no particular hurry, I decided to stop.  After perusing the sale, I walked away with this:

No I’m not pregnant. No I don’t have children. So that’s awkward. On the bright side, I plan to have children someday. So I’m all Boy Scout —Always Prepared. And don’t get me started about the Boy Scouts accepting girls and vice versa.

Meanwhile…I stowed the stroller in the garage out of sight…hoping to come up with some good reason why I bought it so I can explain it to my husband. For now, I’m settling on, I’m just psycho. I took off on my run and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I went on an eight mile loop out North of my house. It goes out by the Landfill. Classy I know.

There was also this…. Which there really are no words.

Here’s another running view: :)

I finally broke down before we went to dinner tonight and told Ty about the stroller. I’m still alive. And married, soooo I guess he took it pretty well. No telling what he was thinking though…..

Ever bought a stroller for no reason?
What's by your landfill?


  1. I bought some girl baby clothes and hid them from my husband. I have boys, and my tubes tied but they were just so stinkin cute. I knew someone I knew would eventually be pregnant with a girl. There was and she is lucky! LOL