Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scales Will Be Ringin'

Holy crackerjacks.  Our scale has been broken at the house. I fixed it last night. Wish I wouldn’t have. I have always been more concerned with my clothes fitting than weight.  However…I weighed myself this morning (because you’re always skinniest in the morning right?!). I have put on seven pounds since Imogene. S-E-V-E-N. It is time for this chica to put down the fork. After Thanksgiving of course…
To that note, I took an eight mile loop yesterday after work. And how does a person run all the miles I run and still gain weight? Pure and simple talent my friends. I have the appetite of a gorilla.  I out-eat my husband on a daily basis. He is twice my size BTW. I saw an “Overeaters Anonymous” flyer at the gym. I considered grabbing one of the tabs and calling someone. And this was before I weighed in. FML.

Back to the run. It was good. My pace was a solid :45-:50 seconds faster than my normal pace. 

I ran the Landfill run- even picked up a trashbag full of leaves and moved it off the road. Kindness. Pass it on. Bahahaaha.  

I tried to take a picture of the rain that was pouring down (It was I swear)… I was soaked by mile four.

Post race treat—eggnog. Accountable for at least one pound of this newfound fluff.

I registered to run the WinterSun 10k in Moab on December 3rd. It is one of my favorites, and even though as of now, I am going alone…I still hate to miss it.  If you are a runner and live anywhere near Moab, UT, I highly recommend doing one of the MoabHalfMarathon races. The scenery is unbelievable. The town is quaint, and you can definitely make a weekend of the trip by visiting Arches National Park as well.
Moab Half Marathon

The famous and beautiful Delicate Arch

Dear Moab, You’re welcome.


  1. I was one of my heaviest weights when I was running consistently (and eating properly!), due to the muscle gain...

    Your post makes me want to put away the yoga matand the dog walking leash every once in awhile and lace up my Brooks running shoes

    (and definitely clothes not scales)

  2. That is what they say...it is good to gain a little from heavy training..although I have not been training THAT heavy. :)

  3. I'm in the St. George area and I totally agree, Moab is simply incredible.

    (And...any weight gain that comes as a result of eggnog is worth it.)