Monday, November 7, 2011

Death By Bicycle

I almost died. It’s true. Last Thursday about 6:00 in the evening, I saw my very life flash before my eyes. You see, about 5:30 I arrived at High Country Fitness with my sister-in-law to attend a spinning class (my first ever).  About 5:45, the class began. By 6:00, I was hoping I could somehow fall off my bike, melt into a pool of water, and slip under the door without anyone noticing.  In the end, there was a pool of water. I’m pretty sure part of my body mass was in it…but I did not get out of finishing the class. 
I felt like this....

Holy S*^%! Have you ever tried spinning? I consider myself to be in fairly good shape.   I mean… it’s the off season and I am logging fifteen sometimes twenty miles a week running.  Guess how many miles we “rode” on Thursday? Fourteen.  Yep.  Of course, I must preface with the confession that I had no respect for spinning before this class. I figured it would be moderately hard, but no big deal. Which is why I ran five miles before class.  A mistake I will be sure NEVER to make again. AND three of those miles, I was pushing my niece in a running stroller I just happened to have lying around (teee hee).  My quads were mush.
So now….I have a GIGANTIC, HUGE…. Respect for spinning.  The class was both challenging and fulfilling. I am planning to join High Country this winter.  I am sure I will attend another spinning class at that time.  Until then…I am going to avoid it and pretend I get just as good of a workout from running. J
P.S. I know I promised you pictures from my favorite loop. I did run it, however it was a crappy, gloomy day.  Another time.


  1. I love that you loved Spinning! It is an awesome workout, I got certified and started teaching here in Sidney, I would definitely make you come to my class if you were still here:)

  2. I would totally come!! I am excited to do it again. :)