Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In Celebrity News...

Today’s blog post will most likely have zero to do with running. Especially since I haven’t ran since Mesquite. Fail.
I WILL go to the gym tonight, I will I will I WILL. Even a treadmill run is better than the alternative. Speaking of treadmills, I entered a NordicTrack giveaway on AnotherMotherRunner's blog. Pray I win it!! There are oh-so-many reasons why this will be beneficial to me in the nearing future.  
On to more important things. Celebrity gossip. Two major things hit the news today. Ali and Roberto split up.

Kourtney Kardashain is pregnant. I am going to avoid any negative comments on the latter (this took an enormous amount of self-restraint).
Wait.. is Scott pregnant? She is rubbing his baby belly.

But Ali and Roberto?! This news is personally devastating to me. I mean…I guess I was wondering why they haven’t got married yet, but I SO loved them as a couple. Sigh….if you have no idea who I am talking about, just chalk it up to thirty seconds of your life you will never get back by reading this paragraph.
The holiday season is in full swing at the Cox household. Nearly all decorations are in place. I even bought a poinsettia to top it off.

I am holding myself at bay and waiting until next week to send out holiday cards…just in case some of my friends and family are major Scrooges (insert my MOTHER). In all honesty, I wasn’t always a huge fan of Christmas. It’s a long story… not really a sad story, but more just a selfish one.  Into my life came the Cox family.  The first year Ty and I were together, he was in disbelief of such horror. He decorated his house with icicle lights and a tree so it would be all cozy when I came over…that year we spent Christmas with his parents and it was a wonderful time. Since then, my view of the holiday has changed. As has Ty’s motivation for hanging lights on the house. Which doesn’t get him out of it. Hey…he started it.
Yes. We were both on the roof. I was "holding the lights" for him. A very useful job.

Have you decorated yet?
Why yes we have. That is why I haven’t run since Mesquite. Well that and the four shirts I ironed for my hubs. J
What do you want for Christmas?
Nothing much…just two pairs of Nikes and a Garmin.


  1. I think Kourtney is so dang cute! Let's hope Scott behaves :)

    Have yet to decorate...i'm thinking this weekend since we have people coming over Sunday evening!

  2. ummmm, okay did u copy my xmas list?!?! seriously, i JUST saw my mom tonight and when she asked i said: a garmin, nike structures 8.5, or money. :P

    ya, i'm gonna have to go the route of saying nothing on the kourtney baby news...u kno the old adage...

  3. I dont know whats more shocking. Ali and Roberto breaking up (i seriously thought they were a great couple) or Kourtney being pregnant (I thought she hated scott?)

    And i wish our decorations were up! At least the tree is being delivered tomorrow!

  4. I read over other running blogs it looks like we all have the same list!! A good year to buy stock in Garmin perhaps??
    @BEB- I thought she hated Scott too. But they could have made that up for ratings. Tee hee

  5. AHHH THEY ARE BREAKING UP!?!?! NOOOOOOO!!! Courtney makes gorgeous babies:) No decorating here! Have an amazing day!