Sunday, December 4, 2011

WinterSun 10K Recap

I squeezed so much into yesterday it felt like two full days between sleeps.  Friday night, I took off from Montrose to Nucla to stay with my Granddad.  The roads were crap, but I made it and was able to spend the evening with him.
I took off yesterday morning around seven to make the 85 mile drive to Moab. Which ordinarily would be a cinch, however when the roads look like this:

You know it’s going to take forever. And it did. I was up half the night night worrying about the weather and the roads. The highlight was when I came upon an eagle gorging on roadkill somewhere past the Utah border. The thing was like a freaking pterodactyl on booze.  It was so goreged it could not fly and nearly took out the whole front of my truck. Yes it was that big.
I hate winter weather driving anyway. So when I got to LaSalle Junction and saw dry roads, my spirits were lifted.

I was a nervous wreck the whole way, and was worried I wouldn’t be able to run. So I slammed a couple Valium and strapped on my shoes.
This is one of my favorite races, and the third time I have run it.  There aren’t many other races in the area, the weather is (usually) nice, and it is a fast course.
The shirts were ugly. That is about my only complaint.
On to GREAT news… I PR’d!! By a long shot too. It was just one of those days I told my body I was going to do it, and I did. Must have been the Valium. 
Partially through the race, I ended up running by a guy. I let him pace me until about mile five and then politely took off to the finish. J
Official Time: 47:49. 6th in my age group, 19th overall female out of 342. 7:49 pace.
I learned a lot from this race. First, while I did PR, my splits weren’t negative. I blame my pacer. I also blame forgetting my watch and having to pull my phone out my pocket all the time to check my pace.  Had I achieved negative splits the whole time, I would like to think I would have placed. Most likely second (in my age group). Since the first place runner is trying out for the Olympics and all…
After the race, by Moab Race tradition, I took myself to the Moab Brewery and had a delicious Greek pasta and beverage. Table for one…
I drove home (and much nicer roads), took a shower and went to a charity ball with my hunka burnin love.

Myself, Miss Holly, And SIL Amber
And the day finally ended at midnight or something. However….it was a wonderful day. <3


  1. aww, u guys look great all cleaned up and out to din din!! looks like fun! :)

    as for the race, GREAT JOB on the super stoked! and also know, that had u gone out and don the negative split thing you'd have prolly even been able to go faster and feel better...sooo, that that as a good sign because it shows that u're in great shape and will only keep getting faster! :) so clobber ur pacer for me...haha...juuuust kidding! great job and i'm drooling over that bread that came with ur salad!

  2. Thanks lady!! I LOVED your marathon post BTW.