Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Well I managed to make it to the gym last night! Woo! Go me!
 I invented a workout to keep myself from dying of boredom on the treadmill.  My gym has the super nice weight machines, so I did a running and strength training combo workout. Ten minutes on the treadmill and one circuit of weights. Repeat twice. Stretch. Nothing too grueling, but I got rid of the bad mood that was plaguing me. Mission accomplished. Wife happy=husband happy. J
Today I was reading Women’s Health and they had a similar workout outlined in their “Get Fit Tricks” section. It’s like I’m a workout genius! Not really…but it sounded awesome.
On to more important things: body image.  We all struggle with it right? No one (and if you do—good for you…please tell me your secret) looks in the mirror and loves everything about what they see on a daily basis. Even Jillian has cellulite that she obsesses about.  So how do you love the “you” that God has blessed you with? This is such a difficult topic.
I am pretty critical of myself most days.  I have gained five pounds since Imogene and sometimes I just have a FAT DAY.  My husband so kindly reminded me that I am not fat, I have just gained weight. Huh…. New perspective right? Women can’t help it. We are bombarded with people like Anna Kournikova gracing magazine covers and we become a little self-conscious (and no I am not including her picture). 

I have learned that there is always going to be someone better, faster, younger, prettier, and definitely someone tanner (have you seen my fair skin??).  Despite my daily rants, I really do love the body I’m in.  I sometimes just praise God as I’m running that I have the health to be able to run on my own two legs through His country.  Ever heard the saying “Better to be a first rate version of yourself than a second rate version of someone else.” ? I agree 100%. This does not mean we should give up trying to better ourselves. It simply means, love yourself. Do not waste time being concerned what someone thinks. It’s none of your business.
Annnnnnnnnnd I’ll step off my soapbox now.

Going off to the mountains for a couple of days sans technology. Get out and enjoy the weather!! J See ya next week.    

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