Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day of Food

Yesterday’s workout: Lift fork to mouth as many times as possible all day long.
I was absolutely exhausted all day yesterday, and I truly believe what they say is true: the less sleep you get, the worse you eat. I have proved this theory countless times in my life.  Exhaustion=desperation.  I mentally give myself permission to get a Venti extra sugar-extra calories-extra whip latte-whatever because I am so tired, I will do whatever it takes to keep myself awake.  Plus, I think exhaustion does a number on my willpower.  And that’s just at the beginning of the day.  Before lunch I had already mowed through half the “King Sized” Skittles Ty bought me (thanks honey!).

Lunch was a cheese burger, sweet potatoes fries.  I managed to consume both a vegetable and a fruit in the afternoon hours (only because I didn’t have the cash to raid the vending machine). And finally…. Despite the fact I had already taken out elk steak to make for dinner, I conned my husband into meeting me at Chili’s after work.  I inhaled a basket of chips and salsa, and a plate full of chicken tacos. Go me!!!
For the record, I do not plan on wasting your time with a daily diary of my food intake. I just wanted you to get an idea of the consumption I am capable of….and this was a pretty decent day. I’ve had worse…
So with no run on the books for Wednesday, and a full belly, I crawled into my most inviting bed at the ripe hour of 8:00. Ahhhhh….there’s always tomorrow.
As you will learn, I’m pretty much obsessed with Biggest Loser. I also LOVE Jillian Michaels.  I have most of her books. Probably my favorite is Mastering Your Metabolism, which I received in a Cox Christmas present exchange last year. Aunt Lori—you rock!! J
Available at

ANYWAY (man I am a scatterbrain today)….. in one of her books, Jillian talks about being in peak shape.  She also talks about how no one (NO ONE…not even Jennifer freaking Aniston—hell, not even Jillian) is in peak shape all the time.  We all have ebbs and flows of our “body-shape” life cycle.  This was such a comforting fact to me. I have always been so hard on myself for packing on the winter insulation, or going on a month-long junk food bender.  It’s normal (thank goodness). On the opposition, there are times throughout the year where fitness really is the focus.  So cut yourself some slack. But not too much…. J

Who is your fitness guru?
What did you eat yesterday?

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