Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Now

Well it's that time of year.  I really feel like my last race is probably in the books...not counting a random 5k or Turkey Trot.  It has been an awesome season of running and hiking...Mt. Sneffles, Imogene, Hanging Lake...and the run from Sunday rounded it out quite nicely.

The marathon "cloud" is still lingering over my head.  Contrary to popular belief, I have not in fact competed in a marathon.  After hammering out Imogene in 4.5 hours, I came to the realization that a marathon would actually take me less time (and undoubtedly less effort) to complete.  So.... why not? Well.... for starters, I am 100% burnt out.  I can't imagine training for yet another long and grueling race at this point in the season. Why not #2: the only marathon that is anywhere near Montrose, CO is the Rimrock Marathon http://www.ascentproductions.net/Events/rrm.aspx, which is definitely on my "list".....but probably not for the first marathon. It is straight UP and the straight DOWN. So basically Imogene plus ten miles. Call me a sissy, but I think I'll save my first marathon experience for somewhere flat. It would be beautiful though:

I have been mildly considering doing one of the Rock and Rock Marathons in either Las Vegas or Phoenix.  If I do the one in Phoenix, I would have some time to recover before I begin training again.  My only roadblock is the financial situation since we are planning our late honeymoon to the Caribbean in February.  Anyone want to pay my way?! Wait...I suppose there may be another roadblock...motivation's sudden vacation from my life?

So this still poses the question of what now? I still like to eat. A LOT. Which requires some form of exercise to keep me from having to buy new jeans.  Most of our trails are snowed over, but not quite enough to break out my fancy-schamcy new snowshoes. I don't want to start my 30 day Jillian workout....yet....save that till 30 days out on the cruise. I would really rather lay on the couch and watch people lose weight on Biggest Loser (my most favorite show).

That being said....I'll probably keep running. It is in my blood. Going too long without it poses a hazard to my marriage, health, and the ambient environment of my co-workers. I'm just not going to run too far.....

How do you get motivated?
What's your favorite TV show?

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