Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Viral- The Honeybadger

Since I haven’t worked out since yesterday’s blog, I had to think of something else to write about. For some reason the honey badger came to mind. Because he really doesn’t give a #$%^!

I find it absolutely amazing how things can gain popularity simply be going up on youtube. Not that I am knocking it…I find it to be truly awesome!! In fact, I am currently plotting a way to get my blog on youtube….and getting it to go viral. Ideas???
Anyhoo…the honeybadger. (First, if you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, go to youtube and search honeybader, randall…Second, watch. Third, return to my blog.) Or...just watch it here:

 I first learned about the honeybadger back in June. I thought the video was “eh…okay” funny, but nothing over the top. However, as it gained popularity, the video somehow became even more entertaining. With these things, it’s more about the jokes everyone makes, than the actual video.
Suddenly, everyone is talking about how honeybadger don’t give a *($@, and how he is running backwards. Seriously. Everyone. In August, my sister-in-law and I climbed Mt. Sneffles. And we did it by ascending the ridge (which is the HARD way). We had finally summated after being scared for our lives many many times, and we were taking in the views (and regaining our composure). This happens to be one of my life’s most defining moments to date. It was absolutely amazing. Up from the EASY way came two guys who didn’t appear to be real serious hikers (appearances didn't lie that time...they had hiked from the parking area just a short distance from the summit- cheaters). As they ascended, the one says to the other, “Yeah, we did it.  Honeybadger don’t give a shit.”  I’m serious. That happened.

The Summit

View of Blue Lakes

The Ridge.
A few weeks later, I was hiking Hanging Lake with my friend Jamie. On the way up, we came upon a couple hiking in front of us. The wife looked back at the husband and said, “Come on. Honey. Badger.” Said husband says something to the effect of “Honeybadger don’t give a….” well….you get the idea. Jamie had not heard of Honeybadger. I filled her in. She watched the video. She’s a convert.

Jamie, Brooklin, myself- HL 2011

Right of passge..."the log"
At this point, every major hiking trip had included the honeybadger. I could only assume it was going to happen at Imogene. At the summit. Sadly, it didn’t…but Ty did tell me he saw someone wearing a honeybadger t-shirt. That totally counts in my opinion. 
Olivia Wild wearing HB Shirt

To date, the honeybadger has his very own commercial—for pistachios. I am proud of his success. I mean…he follows in the youtube footsteps after one of the GREAEST youtube beginners….. Justin Beiber. I’m waiting for honeybadger’s signature haircut.
What is your favorite viral video?
Do you give a &&(%?

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