Monday, December 19, 2011


I had a pretty great weekend. Friday I started my day off with a spinning class….it was glorious. One of those workouts where I pushed myself hard and it felt SO good. The instructor said the last “set’ was going to be like a race. I’m sorry did someone say race?!?!?! It was on after that! Pretty sure I won. I joke. I kid.
Later, I had a lunch meeting with the executive director for Girls on the Run Western Slope.  I was asked to be a board member!! Sooo excited. Also, we decided to bring back Solemates. Solemates is a fundraising program where adults get pledges for running a race and the proceeds go to GOTR.  Solemates participants get the benefit of professional coaching, discounted entry fees, group runs, and a goodie bag, etc.. Not to mention the health benefits. We might even try to get a couple of guest speakers…you know….like SUAR?! That would be awesome!

The rest of the weekend was spent at my parents’ place.  We finished up our Christmas shopping on Saturday…..what a RAT RACE. It was serious insane. There were a lot of good sales….and I got the most AMAZING glittery jeans at American Eagle (epic fail on not having a picture of them). They are a little obscene. When I tried them on, the entire floor on the dressing room was covered in glitter!! Score.
Last night, I went to the gym. I did a three miler and lifted for about thirty minutes. I am pretty sore today, but it was a good workout. Today has been such a stressful day at work. I am so thankful I leave at two. I have an appointment….and then I am planning to RUN. Far.
Happy Monday. <3


  1. I am just all about spinn this month. I wish we had classes in town!! I have a bike and videos and nice boys to look at on the TV workout...

    I am so hoping to finish my Christmas shopping tomorrow. I am having to return things already. RAT RACE for sure!

  2. i'm loving that u're on the board of Girls on the Run!! such an awesome programs and i'll keep my fingers crossed u snag an awesome speaker. ;)

    yay for sparkly jeans, but ya, going to any kind of store is like stepping into a war zone or mosh-pit...i'm just glad u got out alive. haha...hope that run went well! :)