Monday, December 12, 2011

Catch Up

Straight Up Catch Up
I am the WORST at keeping up with my blog lately. If you want regular posts, you’re going to have to follow HungryRunnerGirl. She is much better at this than me.
I have a few problems…first, I was teaching a class last week so I was away from the computer all week. My laptop lives in the coldest room in our house and it MUST be hooked up to the cord (the battery is shot)…so.…incidentally I have been absent!! I also haven’t been keeping up on reading blogs and realized I missed HungryRunnerGirl’s shoe giveaway. Dang it.
Oh well, there are a total of three (3) pairs of shoes on my Christmas list. Including these:

Ty says I am too old to wear these and they are only cool if you’re in high school. UMMM…. How rude!!
Last week was pretty kickass as far as workouts go. I had the run last Monday I posted about. Thursday I went to the gym and three miles flew by because I was watching D.U.I on TLC.

Fascinating I tell you!! I didn’t even have the sound on because for some reason the treadmill was shorting out and my left ear kept getting shocked. An awesome feeling. You should try it. After the run, I did a few circuits of a Jillian workout and I am still sore four days later.
Friday I ran my FAVORITE loop. Saturday my friend Britt and I tried to go snowshoeing…but…there wasn’t enough snow. FAIL. So we hiked.

And yesterday… I put everything in my mouth that even came close to resembling food and watched my celebrity crush new hero win yet again!!! GO BRONCOS!


  1. okay, as a person who curls into the fetal position and almost cries when i am cold i am SURE that if the only place i could use my computer was in a frigid room u wouldn't hear from me til prolly summer. :)

    and, excuse me, no one is ever too old to rock sparkly shoes...mmmk!

    i have yet to see D.U.I so i'll have to check it out....great job on the week of running...allll the better excuse to inhale all yummy grub within a 10 foot radius...u do me proud! :)

  2. Exactly!!! The more sparkles the better~! I just bought some sparkle shoe laces as well. Eat your heart out husband!

  3. Yeah, Tim

    Love the pic at the top of your blog btw. Stunning!!

  4. I can't seem to write a blog post more than once a week, it's too draining on me - haha. I do love those shoes and think you NEED them! I just bought my daughter (age 21) two pairs on Converse tonight, one was tiny checked and so cute!

    I am going to try to go snowshoeing next week in the mountains, I hope there's more snow than what you have!

  5. I wish Tebow played for the Cowboys.