Tuesday, December 13, 2011


When my husband is at work, he drives a vehicle with blue and red lights on top of it. I too, work in “the industry” and scheduling is a bit of a “road block” if you will, when it comes to holidays, weekends, and sleeping in the bed on the same day at the same time. I have been holding off on sharing about this because we have to be super careful about saying too much. But…it is a major part of my life.
Shiftwork. It is a bugger and a half. Weekends are better translated as “days off,” as there are times when my weekend could be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Or any other combination. Sometimes I work from ten at night till six in the morning. Sometimes from six in the morning until six at night.  When I first started this job, I had no idea how I would ever stay up all night or not have weekends off. However, I adapted. We’ve adapted.
For instance, if I am working nights during the winter, it is fabulous from a running perspective. When I wake up, it is mid-afternoon (also known as the warmest part of the day usually). In the summer, nothing beats getting off work at six am and taking off for a sunrise run. Nothing takes more motivation or gumption either. Just sayin.
Back to the main reason I wrote this post: scheduling.  For the very first time in over two years, Ty and I were both scheduled off for an entire holiday weekend (Christmas). What’s better, we were both scheduled off for New Year ’s Eve (more importantly my birthday=Dec 31).  This was going to be epic. I am speaking in the past tense for a reason….SIGH…Ty’s schedule has been changed. I am going to just be positive—we are still getting more than we've had before. We will still be together Christmas Eve and Christmas. And we both have jobs. These are all very good things to be thankful for in this season.
On to my selfish musthaveeverythingrunningrelated portion of the post:

How do you not love the details of this?
I was reading PoshMeetsPavement and came upon her new purchase. I immediately scathed Lululemon for it. In case you would like to put it under my tree, you can find it here. I like the white also. Size 4. HAHAHA. $108 is a lot of money for a running top. Even if the hubs and and I both have jobs. J

In other news-- who's winning BL tonight?
I want Antone....worried it might be John.
Hoping for Vinny for at home prize

What is one "ridiculous" thing on your Christmas (wish) list?


  1. First of all, you are adorable, and I would like to steal your legs. The running top is expensive, but I just bit the bullet and did it. I didn't even know about the details until I saw you post them. One arm says cold hands and the other sleeve says warm heart.

    Ridiculous thing on my Christmas list...Window live writer to work my macbook. A little tech elf needs to come down and set it up

  2. Awww thanks!! You're adorable too!! I LOVE your style.
    Cold hands warm heart? Ugh... I pretty much have to have it now.

  3. wow, i have to say i give u SO much credit for juggling your work schedules like u do AND still getting in those runs. "nothing takes more motivation or gumption" i will agree u have an overwhelming bit of both...u deserve EXTRA credit! but thank u to u, and ur husband, for doing what u do for all of us...much appreciated.

    BUT, as for having this upcoming synchronized holiday sked...horrah!!! u guys better live it up and i hope u snag that long sleeved shirt...i have to say those hand sleeves look snuggly! :)

    okay, oh so ridiculous wish: a garmin, i kno i'm dreamin ;)

  4. Cait!! I totally want a Garmin too!! Even more than I want the Lululemon shirt.

  5. A puppy. We just gave away our last dog...long story, but I'm really wanting a puppy. They are kind of a pain though especially since when we travel we have no one to watch her and I don't like forking over money to the boarding place. Love the workout gear...size 4? Lucky. ;) Sorry you have a bum schedule, it's good you are looking at it from the positives. Just having a job is a good thing. Jess

  6. That stinks about the shift work! I used to have a job that required some night work and I always felt like I wasn't a member of normal society when I was on a alternate schedule than most people. :)