Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Survived

How is Christmas over? Wow... things have been moving so fast. I'm not going to lie, I was 100% spolied rotten on Christmas.
I got the Garmin!!! I am sooooooooooo in love with it. Running related-- two pairs of shoes, running tights, socks, GU, running sweatshirt.

I love you enough to let you see me without make-up
Horse related- Beautiful blinged out breastcoller and headstall. Square-toe Ariats.
I also got the Converse sneakers (thanks to my in-laws-- Ty wasn't touching those!!), a hiking backpack, some home decor, cookbook......giftcards....some earrings from my daddy (tradition).

I ran a virtual 10k on Christmas Eve. I also took the Garmin and one pair of shoes for 4.5 miles of test-driving yesterday. Woo hoo. In LOVE.

Pretty scenery on my run in Grand Junction
In depressing news, I turn 29 on Saturday. For ten days, Ty will be 27 and I will be 29. Craddle-robber!

What should I do for my birthday? Ty is wokring all day, so I have been trying to think of something special to do for myself. Maybe a long run? Snowshoeing? Stay in bed all day and pretend it is still December 30? I know, 29 isn't that old. I am actually not too sad to say goodbye to my 20's.....as long as I can live in my 30's for the rest of my life!! :) :) :)



    So excited about your new Garmin, it will change your life!! Mine certainly did! After I got it, I dropped over 5 minutes from my 10k time, it really helped me focus my training.

  2. When I took it out yesterday, I was thinking the same thing! I was already pushing myself harder. Can't wait!

  3. 29 is a tough age! Not really 20's and not yet in the cool club.
    You did get spoiled! Envy!! Love the garmin! Mine is hardly used except when Im home in Colorado and can get on the trails.

  4. Either tie on your shoes and go for a run or strap on the blingy breastcollar and go for a ride or how about BOTH!! Makes me want to get my horses out and go for a ride....Im hoping for a new saddle when I open my gift next week..its the only thing I asked for and he hasnt asked for any alternatives so the prospect is good. Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Happy Early Birthday! You got some great Christmas gifts from everyone. Glad you love your Garmin. I'm getting ready to buy running tights. Which kind would you recommend?

  6. dang girl u scored for xmas!!! and it looks like u had a great time with the fam too! my bday is coming up too, and i'm just like u and feel like i'm getting so old! in not too many more bday's i'll be in my 30's...and it's a little odd because i think i still act maybe...uhhh, 8! :)

  7. @Suz, I love the Nike tights. They are reasonable (as far as running gear goes) and I like the fit!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. <3 xoxo