Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Monday Bliss

Just Another Perfect Monday
Before you slap me, it was actually my “Tuesday” so it doesn’t count. I worked Sunday. I get off at 2 pm on Mondays, which makes it seem like I have an eternity before I have to be back at work Tuesday morning (6 am).
When I arrived home, a magic elf had done all my Christmas cookie exchange baking. The elf wished to remain anonymous.

That being done left my day wide open (five dozen cookies is no small feat). So I did what any normal person running junkie would and ran to my bedroom to get geared up for a post race recovery run.  It was a balmy 25 degrees outside.

It also snowed all weekend. I loved it anyway.

 I had to run on main roads since everything else is iced over…so traffic was my only complaint…but it could be a lot worse. I did six miles in less than an hour.  I spent most the run thanking God for the ability and opportunity to do what I love.

Yes I wear that jacket and hat EVERY day
Once home, I made dinner, folded laundry (barf)—least favorite chore EVER), got caught up on the NFR (National Finals Rodeo), and ironed for my husband. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it was just one of those warm and fuzzy days for me. <3
Run on.


  1. ummm, can i take a huge CHOMP outta those cookies?!?! yum!! so great that u're having an awesome tuesday and blessed in so many ways! :)

    also, u're such a nice wife for doing the ironing. ;)

  2. I'm psyched with the 20-30 degree temps!! It sure beats the -2 degrees from the other morning! :)

    PS Love the pic on your header!!! Is it a 14er?

  3. @Heather.. it is!! It is on top of Mt. Sneffles. My favorite <3