Friday, December 30, 2011


I just caught up on a BUNCH of blogs!! Whew! I am glad that I am not the only person who has 100% lazy (why am I even running, I could probably walk faster than this) runs. Thank you SkinnyRunner for the validation!!!
Yesterday I was determined to log more than my standard 3-5 miles. I got 8 in... some of them 11:00 miles. Some of them 9:30s... what of it?! I got dressed (in what Ty deemed the ugliest outfit I have ever worn- I spared your eyes the picture, he did offer to take one and plaster it ALL over FB) for my run about an hour and a half before I left. I was procrastinating SO BAD that Ty finally had to say, "will you leave already??" Fine. So I left. And I didn't come back for an hour and twenty one minutes. Yes. Sometimes I write out numbers (eight), and sometimes I put the number as it is (8).

Like, tomorrow, I am going to turn twenty-nine. If I write it out, it doesn't seem as big as 29.
My muscles ache today. I am pretending that I don't have a sore throat and that my muscles are aching from the workout. However...I fear I may be coming "down with the sickness." Just in time for me to pretend I'm not turning twenty-nine. Barf bag.
I'm hoping there is a spin class this afternoon. That way I can spread my germs to spinners near and far. I'll also be going to Petco and the tanning place (I know it causes skin cancer-- I am a glutton for punishment and a very VAIN pasty white person ) so if you want (possible) strep throat...stop in at any of those places!

I will NEVER be this tan *envy*
I got my secret blogging Santa gift yesterday!! I will be blogging about it soon. :)

What is your favorite birthday tradition?
I like anything, but mostly I LOVE the cake! In the last few years, we have gone to one of my favorite restaurants (Paghre's) to celebrate.
Hoping to also add a not-so lazy run to the list and maybe a pedicure tomorrow!

What was your last workout?
LAAAAAZY run yesterday. :)


  1. Last workout was a fun run yesterday with my girl Brittany

    When it's cold old and I'm not motivated, a running partner always makes a difference!

  2. Is it silver undies!?
    I just rented Bridesmaids and plan to watch the whole thing running the mill. I am Forcing it after the junk I ate today!

  3. My last workout was also my last run of the year, which was this morning, New Year's Eve morning! It was great.

    Happy New Year!