Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Time Off

The past six days have been nice. I was off work and got some things accomplished.

Over the weekend, I went to visit my granddad as well as partake in the annual Cooper branding.
My granddad is 80 years old. He is the kind of man who is soft spoken and does not speak often. So, when he talks, you listen. It was pretty special this time. It was just the two of us for most of the weekend. We chatted endlessly. This is most likely a product of him spending most of his time alone, but I don't care. I ate it up. I learn so much about my family every time we are together. I could stay with him forever.
While at the ranch, I discovered some cherries in the freezer. I turned them into this:
Cooper Brand
I got to thinking about how much I love to bake, and to me a bag of flour must be like a blank canvas is to an artist. So full of possibility, yet so predictable and full of comfort.

I got home early Sunday in time to go to church with my girl Brittani. We had a girls day full of lunching, shopping, and of course, the Hunger Games. Being true to my procrastinating self, I had to "cram" for the movie. I read the majority of the first book Saturday night-- I have no idea how late I stayed up. Judging by my dark circled eyes the next morning-- it was pretty late.

Our drier went out over the weekend as well. We tried to find a used one, but my husband can hardly live a day without a drier so we moved quick and ended up with a brand new drier AND washer from Home Depot. Now he can wash and dry to his heart's content.

Monday (after much anticipation), my new (physical therapist prescribed) shoes arrived!!! I also got new insoles to support my arch. I will not dive into the injury debacle, but it's safe to say these babies are going to stay parked in the closet for at least another month. The agony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brooks PureFlow
Workout wise, I have been trouble finding a groove. I have dabbled in many different things trying to find something to replace running. It just isn't going to happen. I have started doing Jillian workouts at the gym-- these are good and make me feel like I am accomplishing something.

Random: my little tiny lilac bush has buds on it!! Oh the joy! My favorite flower in the whole world-- and I get to have them in my very own yard!!


  1. Time off from running is cruel, but once you make it through and are recovered, you will love running that much more because you had to step away for awhile. Good luck...the shoes are rockin!!!

    1. You are right!! It has deepend my appreciation, that's for sure.

  2. OOh those Brooks PureFlows looks great, I've been wanting to try least they look very cool!!

    1. They do look cool!! I hear good things. Can't wait to try them!

  3. Those shoes look awesome! I love the color. I am a sucker for cool-looking running shoes.

  4. What an awesome pie! Cherish those times with your grumpy. Mine past last November and I still vividly remember those times he really spoke with me about his childhood, my dad etc.