Sunday, April 22, 2012


Well today was just a great day for about 1,000,007 reasons.  We celebrated my niece's third birthday at my in-laws. I was responsible for providing the entertainment...aka...two horses. :) The kids loved it and the whole party was just wonderful. It made me want children RIGHT NOW.

Ty was off hunting all weekend (or so he calls it), and since we are on opposite shifts I haven't seen him in a month of Mondays. He came home this morning and it was so great to spend the day together. We also started planning our next vacation. This always makes me excited.

The only sad part of my day was having to peel myself away from my cozy little home to come back to work. I did ride my bike to work tonight-- the temperature was just perfect. You know what else was perfect? No leg pain. :)

John 6:27


  1. Yay for no leg pain! I really need to just adopt your blog title as my mantra....running is my diet. Then maybe I'd snap out of this funk and get my run on! :) It's definitely easier to battle the bulge when I'm logging lots of miles.

    1. It IS my mantra for sure!! Makes it easier than not eating! :)

  2. That's great that you didn't have any leg pain! It sounds like your niece's third birthday was a blast for everyone.

  3. No leg pain, woohoo!! Hope it's still feeling ok!!

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