Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Running is NOT my Diet

Running IS my diet and I am hosed right now. You would think I would have the mental strength to realize I need to PUT DOWN THE FORK. Nope. Not running is making me depressed. This equals eating for me.

Oh well. Life is more than skinny jeans and bikinis.

To that note, officially I am NOT to run for three weeks. Also no spinning, elliptical, etc. In the fourth week, I can introduce spinning/elliptical. Finally we can "see how it goes" with running a couple miles twice a week on the fourth week. So....the marathon plans are scrapped for now. I am also wearing this beauty at night-- it keeps my tendon flexed (thanks Trista) :)

Listen to me. Who am I?! I am sitting here whining because I can't workout. Never in a million years did I think...

That's the thing about plans. They are God's plans. Not our own. I have a really hard time when things don't go my way. In the end, when I look back on times (like this injury), I realize that God manufactured HIS plans to be exactly what I needed. This trial is just a tiny grain of sand on the beach of my life. I will get better. I will endure. And I will be stronger.


  1. Nothing for 3 weeks! Yuck, sorry to hear that. Hopefully that is all it takes and you can then get make on your feet with some activity. I too get a bit stir crazy when I'm not able to do something.

  2. That is such a wonderful attitude to have and you are right. It's not our plan at all!

  3. It will be ok! You will make it through. Better 4 weeks than 2 months!