Friday, May 25, 2012

Stella and a Wind Storm

Hi friends. I have been having what most would consider a VERY rockin' Friday night. Thus far I have done the dishes, reorganized the linen closet, and clean my office. When I was cleaning the office, I started looking at my inspiration board. It is something I stared when I knew I was going to run a marathon. Although those plans have been put on hold temporarily, it still makes me smile. I know someday when my leg is healed, I am going to conquer the 26.2. The marathon is something that has taken me years to have the courage to do. I have entered two, and did not run in either. We are stronger than we think. No dream is too big.
I made a quick trip to Grand Junction today to get my hair done and attend a class at Gold's. The wind was OUT OF CONTROL today! Someone must be PMSing (eh-hem Mother Nature). It is finally calm  and lovely outside. I think when Cole Porter wrote the song "In the Still of the Night", he must have just suffered through a blustery Spring day in Western Colorado.

Introducing Stella.

My new-to-me road bike. She is a little small for me, but I took her out for ten miles tonight and two things are immediately clear to me: the padded bike shorts I ordered need to get here NOW, and I LOVE riding this bike! I am planning to do a bike race on July 21. Six weeks away. I want to do the 75 miler, but we'll see how the training goes. They have 33 and 50 mile options as well.

I took my little horse down to the fairgrounds for some practice runs this evening. She's coming along. Training a horse is so rewarding, but frustrating. I am looking forward to taking her to her first rodeo and jackpot. Hopefully that will be this summer and not next....

Have I mentioned how much I love having a treadmill at home? Watching all my shows while getting a sweat on? #winning


  1. You CAN do it!!! It took me 3 years of runner half's to get the courage to try. You WILL be a finisher!

  2. Love the new bike! Good luck with the horse training. Any idea when her first rodeo will be?