Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Catch Up Tangent

Someone (Clayton!) pointed out that I have not wrote a blog post for weeks. I must apologize to my one fan (Clayton!) for keeping him waiting. Ty if you're reading this, do not feel outsted. I know you are my biggest fan in all parts of life, not just blogging. :)
I'm not one to be a negative person (at least not outwardly), but Christina Aguilara needs to cover it up a wee bit. And the "crown"... wasn't really working for me.

The other morning I was driving home from work and came across this poor little deer.
I felt so bad for her! She had three broken legs. A dog kennel probably isn't a gret life for a deer, so I had to have someone come and take care of her. Poor thing. :(

Montrose is getting a Gold's Gym. I love Gold's!! I am so excited for them to open in Montrose (happening in November). The greatest part is I get to teach spinning and body pump!! I am beyond jacked about this. FINALLY.....I get to be paid to workout. ;) In all seriousness, this is something I have been wanting to do for avery long time. The opportunity found me, and I just feel so blessed.

My mom and I spent Mother's Day in Moab. We stayed at the cutest cottages called Three Dogs and a Moose. They have a beautiful courtyard complete with a hottub and grill. There were hummingbirds everywhere, and the flowers were so fragrant. We toured Arches, Canyonlands, and Dead Horse Point. Three National Parks in a weekend. :) I also got a good base tan and made some very special memories with my mom.
The most famous Delicate Arch <3

Final tangent of the day....I got a new road bike! New to me anyway. Pictures coming. She is currently hiding at my brother-in-law's getting tires aired up/fixed up. Pretty excited to log some miles/crosstrain.


  1. That picture of the deer just broke my heart. I'm such a sucker for all animals. I don't know how we didn't end up with more than we did when I was growing up. I've been wondering what you were up to. I assumed you were busy enjoying life!