Monday, March 19, 2012

Singing the Blues

This weekend was like a roller coaster ride I could not get off. I was up. I was down. Up. Down...UP...down...

A little insight into an adult, I have battled depression on and off. I have learned to control (and beat!) it with running. As you know, running hasn't been in the picture as of late. I haven't had a good cardio session in weeks and weeks. This weekend, I wanted to crawl in bed, pull the covers up, and stay there for three days.

I didn't though. I had some serious business to take care of. My BFF and Maid of Honor was in town. I went down to Grand Junction early on Friday and walked around downtown. It was soooo nice. They had a few sidewalk artists playing guitar. The weather was beautiful. It made me miss the town. A wee bit.

After my afternoon love affair with downtown, I went to the mall. That was an entirely different ballgame that made me feel lucky to live in Montrose.

Finally, Saturday arrived. Kari, her BF, my mom, and I went for a blustery hike. I'm still picking sand out of my teeth. I was just happy to be out there though. Spring is sooo near....

And yesterday.....well what can I say. I was down in the dumps feeling sorry for myself for no good reason whatsoever. Even church (which always fills my cup) could not pull me out of this funk. I prayed. I went grocery shopping (another known mood elevator). Finally, I resorted to this:
Baby chicks at Murdochs. I didn't get to bring them home, but it was a nice mood booster all the same. That and I cleaned my house. A clean house is hard to beat.

As a final last ditch effort, I begged Ty to take me to Cold Stone after dinner. He finally gave in, but said it was my fault if he gains ten pounds from all the junk food I've been force feeding him lately... ;)

Now that it is Monday, I actually feel better (I think it was the ice cream). I'm going to the gym after work. I am going to SWEAT. The End.


  1. Ugh, sorry you weren't loving your weekend :( Here is to a better week for you!

  2. I definitely know Runner's Depression is a real thing. I haven't found much research on it, but the constant stream of endorphins that instantly get reduced to nothing CERTAINLY have an effect on people. Glad to hear Monday, what some would say is the worst day of the week, is seeing a better you! It was all the baby steps you took this weekend. Keep going!

    1. I must have Runner's definitely feels like it. Thanks for your support. :)

  3. Ugh, I'm sorry to hear that girl! Hope this weekend is amazing and that you get to enjoy every minute of it!